westminster; the rich and rather orderly borough of london; the home of the british parliament.
Character Model God Parent Ship? Plans?
Zeta DeWitt Rosie Tupper Ares Not yet; still looking :') She's the new Ares Lieutenant; she'll def want to make much of the position
Sapphire Linn Elina Born Themis Still looking :') The sudden threat looming over Camp is still unknown, but once the nature is revealed... Sapphire may find herself out on a limb about her stance on everything.
Mina Blackbourne Iskra Lawrence Pandia Ditto :') BB !!! Also, when the time is right, she plans to challenge for either Pandia Head or Lt., whichever comes first.
Shay Torres Julija Steponaviciute Hephaestus Partially looking ;) The guys have held those counsellor posts for some time, and Shay doesn't plan to sit around about it. Xe plans to fight for Heph Head or Lt., whichever comes first.
Elina de la Serre Katie Stevens Hyperion Not really looking The word of a second spy leaves a notable unease in her mind; what are the odds she'd get her cover blown?
Kara Jensen Amber Heard Tethys Has no plans to look THE MISSION!!! Also, potential angst later on...
Andreas Stig Rasta None/Memory Spirit Might look if the chance is given Keep on being a wanderer, although maybe he'll find some purpose later on.
Ossa Krameria Behati Prinsloo Notus Wants to look, but unsure where to start She doesn't know if she ever wants to come to terms with never falling in love again, yet she doesn't want to die either. There's a constant need for balance in her life.
Aitana Solberg Chloe Grace Moretz (shared) Zelus (atm)/Nike or Styx (if things go wrong) Doesn't even know at the moment Is my New Cabin Contest entry's Head Counsellor. TBD her future.
America Auditore-Keynes Karlie Kloss Limos Uncertain Is my Character Theme Contest entry; has a TBD future.
Joy TBD Oscar Isaac??? Hera???/Zeus??? (alt) TBD May be my entry to the Hera Character Contest that will be happening soon.
Mei Chibnall Camila Mendes (shared) Harmonia Dibbed :D Plans with Fox <3

key notes

  • names i def wanna use at some point
    • Filomena, Nerea, Mimi, Mireya
  • god parents i def wanna use at some point
    • Eileithyia, Palaemon, Hedone, Hermes, Hypnos, Mnemosyne, Prometheus
  • plots i might use
    • tbd
  • other things
    • tbd
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