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  • I live in Hint: The largest country in South East Asia.
  • My occupation is One of the defenders of the law (OMG that sounds so cheesy. But it's true! Please believe me. *puppy dog eyes*)
  • I am a lonesome owl (someone hug me, please)

I'm sorry, but I won't be able to be active in this RP. But I'm imploring the admins to keep my user page up until somebody adopt my character. I just don't have the heart to let him be erased, or to kill him myself.
Thank you very much

Character Up For Adoption

Theodore Reidd

My first character. I really like him. He's so shy and sweet. Unfortunately I just realized that as a child of Themis - with his set of powers - he can only fight more effectively if he had partners (if the partner got hurt, he'll go into a berserk kind of state and that made him powerful). Oh well, I hope he'll survive the camp.


[[|Ted Reidd]] [[|-Child of Themis]]
-Age= 16     Height= 5'6     Weight= 165 lbs     
Health Status= Healthy     Nationality= American
Species= Demititan     Main Weapon= Dagger

 – 10:00, December 13, 2012 (UTC)

My aunt once said, "Perfection cannot be achieved without the presence of flaws". But what if the flaws are many?

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