aka --Censored--

  • I live in In Your Head, Eating Bonbons. Perhaps you've heard of me.
  • My occupation is Telling you to stop asking me questions before I get upset
  • I am don't call me a 'he' on chat
This user is officially inactive.
He/she should be back in your dreams...yeah right.


I have left the wiki, although I may say hi from time to time :)

Welcome to Star's User Page

Hi, I'm StarlinSkyrim, or Star as I'm known on chat. Leave me le message if you need anything, but I'm not in a position of any athourity. You can find me on Wattpad too

Le Chat Family

  • Starke21 - Mom
  • J4N3Y - twin sister
  • Elfie - aunt/cousin
  • Jenna - grandma
  • Orb - grandfather
  • and many more, I pretty much related to everyone here.

My Badges

Bronze by LaViaSimple7507
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