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I hate school, but vacation can really be boring.
Anything you could recommend to me?
June's Timely Lyrics
"I am plagued by wounds that won’t heal, seams that I can’t seal, and yet you’re still beside me
'Don’t you cry, it’s all for the best,' if I said those words, then maybe I’d be happy
But of course life isn’t that way, the world fades away, until your face I cannot see
No number of miracles could make this easy
Tears stream down my cheeks as I hear you call out to me
So please let it be enough if call out to you."

~ Eine Kleine

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We might be monsters, but that doesn't mean we don't have a heart.
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Rather than being the person hurting others, be the one who gets hurt.
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The Ghoul

I can't stand not being able to do anything anymore.
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I'm not the one who's wrong.
What's wrong . . . is the world!
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Books and Coffee

Pain is your friend, pain is your ally. Pain tells you when you have been wounded badly.
But you know what the best thing about pain is?
It tells you you're not dead yet!
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The 20th Ward

Don't depend too much on the world, because even your shadow leaves you
when you are in the darkness.
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Everyone's gotten over the tragedy. It may be painful, but we must live on.
And so we desperately tried to salvage what we could of our previous lives.

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