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Collaboration with Kane!

Name: Caspian Fernard-Dorrien

A quest

Demos Oneiroi (phantasos)


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Amani,

The ceiling of the dark cavern was impossible to see. Jagged cliffs and dangerous stalactites and stalagmites rose from either side. A black river flowed in the distance. Suddenly, a man in a dark cloak entered the mouth of another cave under a tall cliff. The hollow cave went dimmer and dimmer, until he reached its end and light was spilled all over the place.

White, shimmering mist covered the ceilings. A few kilometres from the opening of the cave was another stream that swirled white and opaque like watery milk. In its shore was a derelict wooden boat. On the other side of the stream were two cavernous gates, the right one made of horn and the left, of ivory. The man passed the stream with the boat, got down and went through the gate made of horn. Sounds of screaming were suddenly heard from inside the gate, and the colourful clouds within turned black and rose up like thick smoke. The man then stepped out, his face hidden.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Kaito,

The dark night made it impossible to see. Sounds of waves crashing onto the beach filled the quiet area. Kaito, in the dream, backed up, and glanced up at the sandy cliffs looming over him. He found a grassy way up, and spotted a huge lighthouse, its beams turning every second. He gazed beyond, and only saw the wide, churning sea. Then the sun rose up impossibly fast, as if Phaethon had returned to drive the sun chariot. He examined the place once more, and somehow recognized it.

He ran back to where he first found himself, and the wall of the cliff in front of him shattered until it revealed a secret cave. The last time he went here he never saw a cave. Then somehow, in the back of his mind, the cave whispered the way to the dead.


General Idea

The Demos Oneiroi, or the Land of Dreams, has been meddled by someone the Oneiroi were busy pointing out. Morpheus, the leader of the dream daemons, was up to check the pylai, or the gates, that held all dreams sent to the mortal realm. He noticed something was wrong within the gates of horn, the gates that held prophetic and important dreams. As soon as he found out that nightmares and false dreams were mingled in the true gates, he organized a search for the culprit. He had fixed it, but it kept going the same way. The culprit needed to stop.

While Morpheus and the Oneiroi were trying to keep the dreams clear as possible, Hypnos had called on a child of his son to come help. He then told his brother Thanatos to help the demigod/s through their way to the Underworld.


  • Mortal Realm
    1. Camp Half-Blood: meeting place
    2. Montauk (LIRR Station): a train to Jamaica Station
    3. Jamaica Station: an AirTrain to JFK Airport
    4. John F. Kennedy International Airport: a flight to Nantucket Memorial Airport, Massachusetts
    5. Nantucket, Massachusetts: a ferry to Martha's Vineyard
    6. Oak Bluffs (walk to Ocean Park): a bus to Wampanoag Tribe Bus Stop, Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard
    7. Duck Inn (an inn to stay for the night and wait)
    8. Gay Head Lighthouse and Aquinnah Cliffs: path to the Underworld
  • Underworld
    1. Banks of the River Styx
    2. Walls of Erebus
    3. Fields of Asphodel
    4. Cave to Demos Oneiroi and Demos Oneiroi
    5. Demos Oneiroi (Gates made of horn)


  • Mortal Realm
    1. A group of hellhounds on the way to JFK Airport
    2. A few Laistrygonian giants on a train to Jamaica Station
    3. A Karkinos before the ferry ride to Oak Bluffs
    4. A short encounter (and fight) with sea serpent during ferry ride
    5. Some impostor empousai and a few pit scorpions on the way and at Duck Inn
    6. Some surprise telekhines at the Cliffs
  • Underworld
    1. Some spirits, and maybe Charon, too (are they monsters?)
    2. Cerberus, on guard at Erebus
    3. More spirits
    4. A harmless encounter with patrolling Furies
    5. Illusional monsters inside the gate made of horn


Leader: Amani Geoffrey (Morpheus)

  1. Kaito Shinichi (Thanatos)
  2. -- (light giver)
  3. -- (hydrokinetic)
  4. -- (weapon master)

End game

One of the Oneiroi has came up with the absurd idea of mingling with dreams. For a long time, the dreams of truth and prophecy came by and by, entirely giving people the good fantasies they want to be entwined with. However, the Oneiros of surrealism had enough of being looked into the shadows, while his brothers went to get all the spotlights in giving those fulfilling dreams. Out of jealousy, he played with all the others's hardwork, and somehow got the nerve to want to watch the world kneel down in nightmares.

Morpheus will be sure to keep everything well again, and lead the group out of the Underworld.




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