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'Ello people! You might know me as that annoying girl at the back in chat whom is always begging people to talk to her because she's bored or you might know me as the 'annoying' girl that always pester Birdie for questions. So since you're here, let me introduce myself.


My name is Asyline Ophelia Hayes. If you know me Or stalk me My first ever character's name was based on my own name. I'm an Asian too! Annehaesayo! Or if you're Chinese、你好!请你不要伤害我!:3

Things I Hate. A Lot

The things that make me go loco moco: Romione. The pairing name of Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger. I hate it. Why? There's a big picture up on the page that tells you why.

Another thing is, I hate people whom are very stubborn and won't change their mind even if their wrong. Explains why I have a little malice for Asyline :3

Things I Love :3

I LOVE DRAMIONE. If you can't tell by the huge arse picture. I love every bit of it.

I love manga and anime. Any well known manga or anime and I'll be friends with you instantly. But don't talk to me about yaoi :3

I love books. My mum says that I spend more time rearranging my books in alphabet order than I spend talking with people. The books I love are HP, PJO and Hunger Game. Many more but I can't remember :3.

Character(s) I Have

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