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Helper Training. 

tell me what you need in a claim. :)

Your character's name, their age at arrival to camp, their species, three god-parent choices in order of desire, their mortal parent's name, three to four sentences on their appearance OR an image of their character's model, 3-4 sentences on the character's personality, at least 3-4 paragraphs of the character's history (which includes how the parents met, early childhood of character, first monster attack, and how they get to camp), the character's weapons/possessions, and the owner's signature

what monsters aren't really allowed for a first attack?

The Monster Encyclopedia on the wiki gives a full and detailed list of monsters, so anything medium or higher should really not be used such as hydra, minotaur, gorgons, kampe, arachne, scylla, etc.

age group of monster attacks?

11-13, with major gods like zeus, poseidon, and hades coming in the earlier years and minor gods coming in the later years

gods that CANT have children?

Hestia and Artemis, as they are dedicated virgins

Hera can only have kids if they are in BC.

(Small Note: Athena is a virgin but she has children with that trippy mind thingy)

what is wrong with this claim?

list the wrongness here : 

1. The personality is much too similar to Nastu Dragneel, a character in Fairy Tail, even to the point where I am able to see the person just copied and pasted Natsu's personality on the personality spot and changed a few things.

2. The current age is missing.

3. You must have 3 god parent choies, not 1.

4. The history and weapon spaces are blank, which I assume means that it is WIP.

5. The signature is missing.

6. The personality suggests that he has been at camp for a little while now.

The personality is much too long, for it should be at the maximum a paragraph. It should really only state a couple of general things about your character in all. 

you like work WAY too much. .-. how many days does a person have to make an edit?


e.e - Jay. 

lol, jk ily. :3 - Jay

what do you do if you know the model, or feel if they are to recognizable?

Suggest they make a vote for it where Level 5's and up decide if the model is too recognizable

what are some stupid/irrational things people could put in a claim?

He met his father, Zeus, at Mount Olympus. Zeus told him he was much stronger than Percy Jackson. Zeus even offered him to become a god, but he declined for he had fallen in love with Annabelle Chiss (It's not the same so it must be okay, right? WRONG). Zeus said, "But son, you defeated every Titan all by yourself."

I'm just gonna stop right there xD

In all seriousness, it's a no brainer that Percy Jackson and other characters should not be mentioned in claims, even if you make the name slightly different. The same story goes for all famous characters and people in the world. You shouldn't have any god parent intervention whatsoever. It's irrational to assume your untrained demigod could beat something strong, for none of our characters should be invincible. I used exaggeration in this to stress common error points in claims.

Also I mentioned how Zeus was his father to pull out a common misunderstanding. No god is given an unfair advantage over the other in terms of powers. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades aren't good just because they are the Big Three on this site. Very minor gods such as Hecate and Melinoe could be considered stronger.

That is all.

explain why a four yr old cant be on the streets living alone. - its weird but claims are all like "im invincible!"

The characters are supposed to be realistic and up to date.

What I mean by realistic: Reality is a partial part in what makes this site fun. In reality, everyone has a limit. Your character could not survive until they were of age to go to CHB. They would starve and die, but that also isn't really reality. Do you think people would just leave a child sitting out on the streets alone? No, which leads us into our next explanation.

What I mean by up to date: In modern day society, children always come first. If any person with a heart saw a child out on the streets alone and tattered, they would most likely report it. When reported, the child would go into the foster family system. This nullifies all reason to have a homeless character.

So proud. :') - Jay

um. what is the youngest age to get at camp? 


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