Information Table

Female Male

Name Age Gender Model God Parent Dibbed?
Lucian Baudelaire 20 Male Hunter Parrish Themis No; Open
Elliana Delacroix 10 Female Mackenzie Foy Poseidon No, Too Young
Pyrrha Frost 11 Female Annalise Basso Boreas No, Sworn to Apollo
Seraphina Black 18 Female Claire Holt Persephone It's complicated
Kiran Ellis 19 Female Anna Speckhart Hecate No; Asexual
Hyacinthe Chevalier 21 Female Katherine McNamara Elpis No, Open
Vienna Lovell 15 Female Tiera Skovbye Psyche No, Open
Haelyn Connell 9 Female Nikola Szafezcka Zeus No, Too Young

More Information

Name Status Sexuality Romantic Model Essentials
Haelyn Connell
  • Alive
  • Human again
Unknown Unknown Nikola Szafezcka
  • Haelyn spent nine years of her life in a wolf form; cursed by Artemis
  • She grew up as a wolf, living with other transformed wolves
  • Finally, she regained human form, and is now forced to branch out and learn how humans do things.
Elliana Delacroix
Pyrrha Frost
Vienna Lovell
Seraphina Black
Kiran Ellis
Lucian Baudelaire
Hyacinthe Chevalier

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a.k.a models i either wanna use for new characters or for a glo-up of a character... and also because i'm an indecisive person

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