The Kaio-Ken Kid

aka Cam,LaLa,Sabastion,Corazy

  • I live in Lala Land
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is Yippe-Cowa-Mothah-Fuckin-Hasta-Ya-Worst-Nightmare-Bunga-ing BEE-YATCH!
  • I am GETTIN DIS PAYPUR,YOU NAHH MEEE? (Probably watching sWooZie,SuperWoman,NigaHiga or some other youtuber :P)

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About Me

Hi! I'm Ultimate Alien Warrior(UAW) by most people you may also call me UC(Ultimate Cam),Cam,Kaio,or TK.I am a frequent edited here . I like ice cream,spaghetti,Ramen,and pizza. Along with a writing I am also a musician,Anime Lover,a comedian,and A king.KNEEL BEFORE CAM! JK. I also like puppy's and other animals.I like video games too so if you don't like a game that I like(Cod) I am not the person to say it too.I am  strong willed,compassionate,brave,couragous,creative,and funny. I love to chat and talk to people so dont be afraid to ring me up!

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