Read below if you want to stalk learn about me!

Hello <insert name here>! I'm Tiderem, but there are many nicknames you can call me, and I see you have found my profile and probably want to learn some stuff about me. If that is the case, keep on reading but if not, you can still read and maybe we can talk sometime! c:

Name: Meredith -(My last name is a secret!)

Gender: Female (Or is it?...)

Age: Why do you want to know?

Birthday: April 6

Date Joined: April 20,2016 (I'm fairly new but I plan to be an active member :D)

Likes: Skiing, snowboarding, reading, drawing, playing video games and roleplaying. Also a ton of other stuff that I couldn't think of when making this.

Dislikes: Bugs, bugs, and BUGS. Did I mention bugs? Except for the ones like butterflies or ladybugs. But I DO NOT LIKE mosquitoes or horseflies or similar ones. They're creepy even though we need them.

Colour: Green. Any shade of green really. Except for the 'barf' colours. Sorry for my wording. I also like blues.

Animal: Wolves. Cause they're cute and loyal and strong pack members.

Food: Any kind of food works. Okay, maybe not spicy. But I like corn. And cucumbers. Also chips. Yep!

I hope this satisfies your needs to know my life o3o.
Maybe I'll see you around and we can roleplay. (Once my character is claimed)

Nickname? Where'd it Come From? Who Can Use it? Is it Usable?
Tide My Username Everyone Definitely!
Tider My Username Everyone Yepperoo!
Meredith My IRL Name Everyone If ya want to!
Meri My IRL Nickname Everyone Of Course!
Mer My IRL Nickname Close Friends Depends..Only if you're my Close Friend.

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Jade Lyle, Daughter of Hecate

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