Hey, what's up? I'm Rosetta, also known as TwilightRose. My friends refer to me as Rosie and The Rose. I refer to myself as Pure Awesomeness, but that's just me. I've recently been in the market for a good PJO RP and this one fits the bill, so I guess I'll stick around. I'll be RPing just as soon as I can get a claimed character and then trust: you'll be seeing so much of me, you'll get sick of me!

I live in a generic suburban community, in which I go to school, shop, eat, read and engage in other activities that are a part of life in suburbia. I dream of one day escaping with my three besties to the Big Apple and finding true happiness there, but that won't happen, at least until my parents extend my curfew.

I love reading, writing, acting and singing - not always in that particular order. My best friends and I all have specific dreams: Jayde wants to be - excuse me - will be a Broadway actress, as will Simreen. Hadley will end up as a butt-kicking fashion designer and I will win so many Grammys, your head will spin. Yes, we're cocky. Yes, we dream big. But, hey: Go big or go home, baby!

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