This is where I put all my ideas in so go ahead and look. I have also set myself a challenge and it is to make every kind of char that's parent has a ocean element to it so if you know of any that I probally wouldn't know of please comment down bellow it and/or if you want to do a colab

Shea Pet ideas

Asian Elephant Name is Shreya, lives in the forest, has no abilities aside from being able to survive New Yrok's climate.

Pangolin Name is Praveen, lives in Cybele cabin, has same abilities as Shreya

Random Char planing

Name: Shea Krokodýl

Age: 16

Godly Parent: Cybele

Mortal Parent: Hank Krokodýl

Appearance: Model is Sally Fitzgibbons

Personality: Shea is unpredictable, she is versatile and always willing to do something out of the ordinary. She is also ruthless in competition, and faithful to the idea that time is wasted if the majority of it is spent standing still, or bored. Her curiosity about the mortal world and who her father is and what is he doing now makes Shea tend to wonder off into the mortal world and try to find her father. Shea has an off beat sense of humor, she always laughs at the wrong things. She likes to tell jokes but they are not always funny, and in some cases they are not always jokes.


In the jungles of Timor, Hank Krokodýl was studying the habits of saltwater crocodiles from Timor out in wild compared to the saltwater crocodiles in Australia that were out in the wild, when he ran into Cybele. Hank figured that Cybele was doing research like him or was just interested in the jungle. They fell in love with each other with first sight. Hank went back to San Diego and met Cybele again a few later. They started dating and out of the blue after 2 months of dating Cybele because she was pregnant. 4 months later, Cybele came back with a baby girl named Shea. She told Hank that she was a Greek goddess and all the other important information about their child and what to do with her.

Hank couldn't handle that he had child with a goddess so he put Shea up for adoption when she was 17 months old. When Cybele found out that Hank had put Shea up for adoption, she was furious so Cybele sent a wolf nymph, a black panther nymph and a bear nymph called Lena, Adriano and Axel to take Shea in the middle of the night and raise her. When the three animal nymphs went to take Shea, they brought a memory nymph along with them to wipe any memory of Shea in the Orphanage so that a child dissapearing in the middle on the night without a trace wouldn't cause the police to come looking for Shea. They successfully got Shea out of the Orphanage without being seen and wiping any memory of Shea from the Orphanage. Cybele also asked the three nymphs if they could take their memory nymph friend and wipe Shea's father memory of over meeting Cybele and having a child. The three animals did this before they left for the wilderness of India where they came from before Cybele asked them to take care of Shea, to raise Shea in every way they could.

When the animal nymphs and Shea arrived in India, thanks to Cybele allowing them to past freely and quickly through the earth also giving them two braclets and a jacket to give to Shea and instructions to take Shea to camp when she wanted to go, Lena decided to sort of adopt Shea as her daughter, teaching her as she was a wolf pup when she turned 3 while Adriano and Axel would take care of Shea until then. The three animal nymphs would take turns teaching Shea when she turned three. Lena would teach Shea how to work together in a group and hunt and how to understand wolves without using her powers, Adriano to be stealthy while Axel taught Shea how to find food all around her and about everything so would need to know when she came to camp but not that she was a demigod and she was a daughter of Cybele just she lived in a world where the Greek gods were real and the people looking after her were animal nymphs.

When she turned three, Lena introduced Shea to the wolf pack that she was apart of. Instantly Shea was like she was a wolf pup because of being a child of Cybele. This peacefulness of her normal life lasted for a long time until Axel found a young boy, a year older than Shea when she was 10. Axel could tell this boy was a demigod so he took the demigod to camp quickly, thanks to the help of Cybele again, and when Axel brought this boy to camp it didn't end well cause the boy ran away from camp.

One day, when Shea was exploring the jungle by herself she was swarmed by a flock of Stymphalian birds a while after she turned 12. Shea was instantly scared from the look of these birds but from living with Wolves she kept that fear in. All around her, a tornado of leaves and sticks started to form knocking the birds of course until the leaves and sticks stopped swirling and were launched at the birds. A lot of the birds were forced to land on the ground and that is when Adriano found and helped killed all the birds. Adriano sent Shea back to Lena where she was told by Lena that she was a demigod and asked if she wanted to go to a safe place for her kind. Shea told Lena that she would go to camp when she turns 16. Lena also told Shea the truth about her mortal parent and what her last name was.

Over the next four years, Shea was attacked by a few Myrmeks, giant scorpions and one Dracanae and when she reached the age of 16, Cybele allowed Shea and Lena to travel through the earth to camp where she stayed there for 4 days until she was claimed by her mother

Weapons and equipment: CB back amour that is designed to look like a croc's back scales and is as thick as those scales as well, CB gauntlets to can have three CB claws come out of in between the knuckles. Claws can turn into bronze braclets when Shea wants to use them. Claws can change the size to different sizes when Shea wants them to. Amour can turn into a light jacket the main colour as the amour was. The jacket also changes size with Shea and changes colour depending on the environment. Jacket can keep Shea always warm and dry while braclets allow Shea to keep up with the wolves she grew up with.

Name: Micheal 'Mick' Lgan

Godly parent: Akhlys

Mortal Parent: Doug Logan




Doug Logan, a biologist that was an American in India, was deep in the Amazon studying the Posion Dart Frog and if it's Posion could be used in the medical field. Akhlys appeared to him because of his work with poisons and the possibility of having a child that could cause so much misery to mortals, demigods, monsters and gods alike.

Weapons: Shield that can have blades pop out the circumference of the shield when Mick wants it to have blades. 4 CB knives, all different sizes and styles and 1 can turn into a CB great sword, are strapped to the bottom side of the shield. Shield will always come back to Mick and magically straps itself to his back when it comes back.

As of right now only thing about him is he is like captain boomerang and a child of the wind God

Names: Eden and LiBane Hunter

God parents: Limos (LiBane) and Demeter (Eden)

Mortal Parent: Jack Hunter

Age: 18

History: Eden and Anthony' story all started when their father started working on a new type of chemical fertiliser that would be more efficient than any other one before it. Jack made it pretty well but didn't realise that once all the nutrients was taken out of it from the plants, it becomes basically a extremely acidic compound that will kill plants almost instantly. This is how Jack gained the attention of two very different goddesses. Before the fertiliser's other effects started to take place, Demeter came to him when he was having a celebratory drink at the nearest bar and Jack fell in love with her once she started talking to him. They made love that night. The next day, Jack found the defects of his creation and it called Limos's attention to him. On Jack's way home from his terrible day at work, he ran into Limos, disguised the same as what Demeter was the night before, and they went out for drinks and the same cycle happened again. After those two nights with two very different goddesses, Jack never saw them again until 6 months later when they came a day after each other with a child each and each with some odd things that were for each child. While Limos was there, she told Jack about her child and Demeter's child, giving the other child dirty looks.

Jack kept both children, even though he knew that weren't fully human, and named the child from Demeter Eden and the child from Limos LiBane. Once Eden and LiBane were born, Jack started to take his work home, trying to figure out how to fix his problem, working in the basement and getting a nanny to look after his two sons so they didn't get into any trouble.


Anthony: Expandable spear
Eden: Shovel, pitchfork and scythe

Names: Iris and Arthur Rickson

Ages: 15

Pics: Male char (TWD), female char (me)


Competely crazy idea for another Poseidon Char

Was born in Ancient Greece and had Poseidon and Thalassa as parents but instead of being a full god he was a demigod with his father's powers. Became one of Poseidon favourite sons so had a weaker version of Poseidon's trident built for him allowing him to become immortal. Lived in his father palace doing jobs for him on land until the anicnet roman times where he moved to mount Olympus than disappeared, hidding from the gods because he realised that the gods weren't the best choice of ruling the universe considering he saw them having two different aspects of their personalities. Hid from the gods by finding the Place the gods couldn't find him which happened to be Iceland when in England and Germany in Rome and when the gods moved to America went to Alaska. Stays immortal as long as Poesidon has power. Trident is fluid sort of weapon so can change materials from what it is made from and the type of weapon. Fought in Trojan war, WW2, American Revolution, first giant war and second Titan war. Is the only reason keeping his mother from fading. Was pressured into courting Artemis by Zeus during the Roman times but instead of it working Artemis pitied him because like her was being pressured into being married so gave him a bow like her hunter's bows. Trident is made by elder Cyclopes using the same ways as they used to make Poseidon's trident but instead of being able control the ocean, gave its abilities that were metioned

Parker chars

Name: Aetes Parker

Titan Parent: Perses

Mortal Parent: Nameless Slave women

Age: 21 (immortal)


Appearance: Model is Jason Momam


Parents meeting:

Long before the Champions of Otrhys were planning to overthrow Olympus, a child was born from a random man and a nameless slave women in the times of Ancient Greece, a random encounter that the women had thought would allow her to be free. This child was also nameless and fatherless but his father was the Titan of Destruction, Perses. This child was the first son of Perses, the first one of many. The boy was born in slavery, just like his mother and was not free, like the intentions of his mother were when he was conceived. Life wouldn't get better for is child for a long time

Early Childhood:

Reason for joining Coo: Jacob still agrees with the ideology of Ortu Justitiae but hates the idea of living begins with a life span ruling the universe. Being kicked out of Camp, Jacob wants to destroy Camp brick by brick.

Weapons: A CB spear that when the shaft of the spear is twisted it turns into a CB sword

Names: Jade Parker


God Parent:Phobos

'Mortal Parent: Christen Parker

Personality:Jade is normally considered a person that tends to hold on to the people she loves and because of that she will do anything to make sure they don't get hurt. She is always keeps to herself a lot and will rarely tell people stuff. Jade would never try to do anything to her cousin that may cause him seriously harm but Jade is also afraid this weakness for her cousin maybe the end of her. Jade also likes messing with people using her fear powers.

Appearance: Model is Amberley Lobo


Parents Meeting

Christen was a scientist trying to introduce fear through stimulus in single cell such as Amoeba when she attracted a certain fear god disguised as a new research donor that was interested in Christen's work. While Phobos and Christen were talking about what she was doing, it seemed to her that Phobos was flirting with her. Later on in the day as she was leaving, Phobos came up to her and asked if she wanted to go on a date with him. Christen accepted Phobos's offer and their relationship lasted until Christen fell pregnant with a girl. A week after Christen had Jade Phobos came back and told the truth about him and their daughter. Phobos also said that he would send someone to take Jade when she is old enough to a safe place.

Early Childhood

When Jade was 4, Christen had devolved a tumor between her spine and brain and the doctors said that if the tumor grew any bigger, Christen wouldn't have long to live. Christen wrote a letter for her sister, Rain, for when Christen died explain that Jade was a demigod (not mentioning Jade's father was Phobos) and someone may come to take Jade to somewhere safe for her. One of the few instructions in her letter was when Jade turned 13, Rain would have to tell Jade about her father being a god. When Christen died, Jade moved in with her auntie and her younger cousin Jacob when she was 6. In the first few weeks of when Jade lived with her auntie and cousin, Jade was very deporessed and nothing could cheer her up until a massive thunder storm came arrived. Jacob was extremely scared until Jade unknowingly used her powers to calm him down.

Monster Attack

One day a while after her 12 birthday, Jade was walking home alone from school

Quest Coding Testing

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Anja,

I know I may be one of the last people you would want to hear from but I am in a really bad situation and I can’t leave Tartarus to do it myself. Considering the increase of Demititans coming together, the Titans Hyperion, Koios and Krios have teamed up once again and have taken over the palaces of the Anemoi, kicking out the children of the Anemoi and holding the Anemoi captive. Iapetus on the other hand, still being affected by his swim in the Lethe has not joined forces with his brothers that helped him hold down Ouranos. This is something that the world does not need to happen again so I need you and as many people as you can get to take on these Titans before they destroy their specific Anemoi. Krios and Hyperion have moved the palaces of their Anemoi to the certain points in North America. From what i can see, Hyperion has moved the palace of Eurus to over the Chrysler building. I will give you something to defeat the Titans when you weaken them.


The three Titans, Koios, Hyperion and Krios, are trying to take back their positions of the controllers of the four corners of the world. First Anja goes to Hyperion and defeats him. After freeing Eurus, Eurus gives them information to where


All of the questers will receive their gifts after the quest is finished.

‘’’Anja:’’’ Extra button added to her armband that allows Anja to grow 10ft tall. What ever she has on and her Khopesh will grow to the with Anja staying the same size to her as they were

‘’’Ivory:’’’ A small pocket mirror with a single pearl from the bottom of river Letus that enables Steven of seeing people's forgoten memories

‘’’Vifera:’’’ A ring that allows Vifera to gain one aspect or ability at a time from an animal he has recently touched.

‘’’Ahren:’’’ A spear that harness Ahren’s and the people nearby rage and uses it to blast rage energy out of the tip.

‘’’Aria:’’’ A silver and underworld sapphire necklace that keeps her emotions, feelings and thoughts in check, therefore reducing the chance of Violet taking control.


Carlton's pets idea

4 immortal African hunting dogs, giving to the Fairchild family hundreds of years ago from Physis. Each dog can turn into either fire, water, earth or air, can travel through their specific element and can speak telepathically to any member of the Fairchild family. Carlton took possession of the four dogs when he said the Greek word for element summoning them and then they told him what they are, how they came to him and their history. The dog that turns into earth is slowest of the four but is tougher and can take more hits. The one that turns into fire is the most vicious and is normally the first to take the kill. It is also more suited to attacking than the rest. The one that turns into air is faster than the rest and completely opposite to the one that turns into earth. The water one is more suited to finding its way through defences and completely opposite to the fire one. Fortá is fire, Yee is earth, Aehra is wind and Nerò is water.

Ari Nersia

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