About me

Hey! I'm Vexink but you may call me Vex. I'm a guy from the south of Germany(BaWü) and of course I speak german. So please ignore my spelling, word order etc.

My first character Raphael son of Demeter and I share a few character traits. Which ones I let you guess.

What else?? I have no idea what i should write here ....so I will update this from time to time.

Games I like

  • Final Fantasy series (mainly parts VIII,IX,X (to my shame i haven't played VII))
  • Kingdom Hearts (1,2,BbS)
  • Anno 1404 Venice (It's like going to sleep...at first you don't want to start but as soon as you're really in it you don't want to stop)
  • Sims 3 (same like Anno -.-')
  • Age of Mythology(see Generals)
  • Command and Conquer Generals zero hour (together with my best bud and an armful of fast food...)

Books I like

  • Percy Jackson series
  • Kane Cronicles
  • Heroes of Olympus
  • Harry Potter
  • Die Wächter der Nacht (Serie von Sergei Lukianenko)
  • Der Schwarm (by Frank Schätzing)
  • Meteor,Diabolus,Sakrileg und Illuminati (by Dan Brown)
  • and a few others I don't want to write down right now...

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