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He/she should be back December 23-January 6 or sooner and I might pop in a few times..


I don't think I can do this wiki and school.

Hi I'm ~PJ10~ my real name is Peter James but everyone calls me PJ I'm 13 and I live in Connecticut. I have done wiki before but on a different account that I deleted. My friends and I learned all about wiki and the rules and we made Our Wiki, don't be surprised if you didn't see it my friend Elliot was a master hacker and hacked the wiki. I do have wiki experience as a admin on Our Wiki and I was a rollback on another hacked wiki Elliot and his nerd friends created. Talk or message me. I LOVE Mexican food, tacos, tosadas and burritos. PJ's Organic makes really good frozen burritos and I love them and thats why my avatar is the logo.

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