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  • Aeriesol
    Disclaimer: This is not about the X-Men. Thank you for your time.

    Though I'm an admin of A&S, anyone's who's been around long enough knows I started out with a bunch of people (namely Mel and a bunch of other people I'm too lazy to list love you guys lmao) from the claiming department pretty much adopting (read: lecturing) me (officially never got adopted; 10/10 forever hung up on this) because that's how specially problematic a newb I was. Most of my dep edits come from categorizing and brutalizing claims. At some point Mel nicknamed me the monster of claim checking, but moving on. It came to my attention some time ago that helpers have come so, so far from our official definition, and it isn't necessarily in a good way.

    Helpers are best known for…

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  • Aeriesol

    Long story short, I'm not getting internet access for the rest of the year, and probably for rest of my life. Mum threw a fit, now disowned me basically, and isn't sending any child support.

    All my characters will need archiving, and you can now use reserved models or any I'm using.

    It was fun, guys, but unfortunately life sucks.

    Okay, short messages to people who have made an impact during my stay-


    I love you guys. All of you. You know how to put me down a notch when I'm being insane and know when to encourage me when I'm down. As a whole, wiki has changed my life a lot (yes, Faith, Nin, and James, you're unfortunately part of that LOL). Will add more to this as time goes on~

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