Long story short, I'm not getting internet access for the rest of the year, and probably for rest of my life. Mum threw a fit, now disowned me basically, and isn't sending any child support.

All my characters will need archiving, and you can now use reserved models or any I'm using.

It was fun, guys, but unfortunately life sucks.

Okay, short messages to people who have made an impact during my stay-

*insert awkward coughing here*

This never happened and Father's Day has been turned into an unofficial wiki-wide friendship day....

because I'm an awkward little thing and too embarrassed to put this down

Mel, the spontaneous lemon who's older than the Yggdrasil in wiki-age

LEMONMELELELELMELEMELEMLEMEL. I don't know how to put this into words. I really don't. Keep RBing, keep up college, also you're awesome and you should never ever think otherwise. Thank yu for putting up with all my weird mood swings, my hyperness, my insane character ideas, and superduper long histories, but that likely applies to everyone in tthe claim department.

You've managed to put up with my agonizingly short stay here at wiki, and somehow have not gone made with all the PMs I've spammed you with....


Yorkie, the big bad female Alpha wolf (yeah, that's a thing)

ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEENAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 How can I say this. One of the best online sisters ever. Thank you for helping me with models, holding me up since like I was a newb (somehow you didn't die from exasperation), and in general being a big help. I wuv you <3

Paintbrush/ColorsofFire, the apathetic art tool who is still a kuudere/tsundere

Wish we got to talk more ;w; <3 Sistah, we should do headachey long RPs again. You should get on chat and wiki in general more too D: The orphan group must stay together~

CattyTheOrchid16, the imposing mango cat goddess who is also terrifyingly my wiki mom

Nyahcat, wish we could have gotten further with CaeTuin. You're my wiki mum so yeah and a really good friend of mine q-q The Knightley collab with Jaye must prevail~

(Poor Arella. The only vampire who is also stopped by onions.)

LegendofFour, fellow Filipino bro and a semi-active guy WHO SHOULD LIFE STOP PUSHING AWAY FROM WIKI

Wish we got to talk more. Pity you went semi-active D: We've never RP'd either, but thank you for not questioning my appearance in the orphan group~

HiddenRealm, Lord of the Hidden Realms, Paradoxical Fields, and Hell in general

Grandpa, thank you for putting up with the shizz I get to on chat...Seriously. many cookies dost thou have left??!?!?!?!?! :3

ScalesofFate, the shade-throwing enigma that has wiki chat on their toes 24/7

Still not sure what my opinion on you is, but I have enough reason to believe you're a nice person there xD Also shade throwing is OP :D


Xerxestherabbit, the rabbit clan leader who is seriously picky with his carrots


NoctemV, the immortal fish-fae-vampire


UndeadSparkz, that rude brother you just can't get rid of

I'm joking. <3 Thank you for breaking chat along with Noc, it helps keep it alive.


The queens of sass who you do not in general want to cross :D Somehow I have not been totally sassed by either of you (at least, no situations that I've remembered). #BROCOLI4LYFE

The most amount of Asian characters belong to you guys and the time is near ripe before you take over completely....-dundundundun-

BellaMuzz, the niece who is somehow older than me and is generally a sweetheart

Nieeeeeceee <3

Demi and Dark, the other wiki ship that will NEVER sink

*cackles evilly* DEMERC FOREVERRRRRR

Rest of the Wiki:

I love you guys. All of you. You know how to put me down a notch when I'm being insane and know when to encourage me when I'm down. As a whole, wiki has changed my life a lot (yes, Faith, Nin, and James, you're unfortunately part of that LOL). Will add more to this as time goes on~

User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding

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