Alright so let me just introduce all of you to the newly added namespace called, "Archived Roleplay".

Why add that if there's a category that has the same name, Kit?

Well, if you take a look at the user category, we have also updated it separating the archived rp's from the active ones. You can now see the archived rp's under the tab named "Others" included in the "Archived Roleplay" table. To be able to separate them, we had to add a new namespace and that's why Archived Roleplay is added.

The purpose of this blog is to tell all members of the admin team about the new process of archiving. Here are the steps:

1. Change the namespace of the forum from "Roleplay" to "Archived Roleplay".

2. Remove "Main Forum/General/"

3. Uncheck the box that says "Leave a redirect behind" (For rbs, they don't have this box but it's okay.).

4. Click rename.

5. Don't forget to change the category as well. Category:Archived Roleplay

That's about it. If you miss a step, it might result to the disappearance of the roleplay from either the active roleplays or the archived roleplay so please be careful not to miss a step.

That's all! Thank you!

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