So, today was my first day of role-playing. And I should say that it is NOT BAD at all! It was really fun with these people commenting and then they reply etc... etc... it was awesome!

Nope. No. I'm not making this page of mine like a diary wherein I write every role play experience of my life. I just wanted to share today's experience because it was AMAZING. I consider it MEMORABLE.

I'd like to thank the people who commented and rp'ied' with me. I loved your characters no matter what they are, either they're good or bad. They just give the role play excitement. Again, thank you guys! I did not regret it when I created an account here. You made me feel welcome. (Not to mention: there were these people who were looking for newbs to adopt. And I was offered, I think, a few times but I was already adopted by FloatingInDarkness xD)

Anyways, I've got to go now and... yeah. Have fun! Enjoy! I hope to meet other demigods out there. See ya' around camp :D

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