Hi guys :)

I just want to tell you all that Camp Half Blood Roleplay wiki has been a big part of my roleplay life and... this is where I seriously got addicted to roleplaying hahaha xD

I've made a lot of friends... so many that I can't even list them all x)

Anyway... what is the real purpose of this blog?

This is actually a farewell note to all of you especially to the people who have played a big role in mah life here on the wiki :)

Believe me, this has been very hard for me... deciding whether to leave or not... but I just have to :(

Besides the message in general, I also have some things to say to specific people like:

Time, WoW, Heyoni - sorry for starting the quest and not being able to even finish it... :( But if EVER I return, we could always continue that one :')

Ribbonz, Pandy, Horchata, and Lilycornelio - you guys have been great newbs to me... and I'm sorry if I can't even stay... :(

Hm... I think that's all it :) This is... a goodbye... but but but... who knows? I might come back one day :)


P.S. As for my CHARACTERS, I'd like them ALL to be ARCHIVED. As I have mentioned, who knows? I might come back and I'll want them to be restored cx

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