Okay so first of all, please do not misunderstand this blog as something just to get the attention of the people here. Second, I really just want to say this for some reason I do not know.

I think I'll be leaving this wiki someday. It may not be today but someday. I don't know to be honest. Don't worry guys, if you think any of you has done anything wrong that's why I'm leaving--definitely not :) I'm so happy to meet some friends here.

So, maybe I'll just finish some unfinished business here like quests or etc then... I don't know... maybe time for me to leave ;-; Seriously, guys, I don't know what's gotten into me. I don't feel sad about this day. I don't feel anything negative at all! Just... ;-; I don't know.

But my decision is not yet final so... yeah :)

The real purpose of this blog is just to really express how I feel.

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