So uhm. Yeah some of my close friends here know my situation... (esp broken, silver-unnie, jonghyu, baekoli and brockeh) and it has gotten worse and some other problems keep on occuring and it's just so stressful for me. My wiki friends have been my shoulder everytime but i don't know this time it's just too much... Everything that is happening to me is just sad. I'm trying to make something that can make me happy but the sadness comes in double after that.

Anyway uhm.... i'd be inactive for a while to have some uhm what do you call this? >.< i dunno never the less. Sorry brockeh and oli for le chars we are pairing up that will be hold for a while ;n; same with the others i have plan with. I hope you understand me..

If you miss me (lol if ever xD) i'm always online at facebook or skype :). I don't wanna make this long and sad blah blah yada yada

So yeah i'd be inactive hopefully it won't be too long.

PS. No one touch my dibbed models and other other pwease

My lie in April,brought me to you. あいしてるMusicnotesplz

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