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Arteminx Arteminx 26 November 2012

Go Away, Trolls! Away, I say!

Okay, so, I feel really happy/sherlock-y for solving the majority of our problem with the spammers. Just to get it out there, it was Goddess 1289 all along.

Well, I was in chat, and we had another chat spammer; again speaking of Whisper. Before we banned her, Goddess told us we shouldn't; claming the spammer would just vandalise after. Of course, after she was banned, the spammer (GoddessArtemis) immediately started vandalising various pages.

After Ob and I (and others, there was a few) finished restoring the pages, and I blocked the spammer, Goddess tells us we blocked her IP. Which obviously means she was the spammer/puppetmaster.

Immediately after Goddess was banned, she told Raid on HG chat that she is not the spammer or associated with W…

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Arteminx Arteminx 27 September 2012

Power Update

With the new vote that passed, new powers are being added and old powers are being tweaked. As the process continues, make sure to be on the look out for more or different powers that need to be added to your characters power list. You can always refer to the cabin page to be sure.

Long live the Queen! Telepathic Message ♛♛♛ Minxie ♛♛♛19:01,27/9/2012

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Arteminx Arteminx 18 July 2012


Well, after leaving chat, turning off my laptop, and getting ready for bed, I have failed to keep away from this wiki. Ever since I joined in March, I felt I was going to stay here, forever and stay dedicated. Basically, all I'm saying is I love all of you (:, you're all so great and honestly I love you all to bits. Thank you guys for everything, if you've ever done coding, rp'd, or anything else really. I really appreciate all of you and all you do. I'd add some rambling about specific users who I'm close with, but it I'm afraid I'd hurt others or forget someone, which would end badly. Furthermore, if you're reading this, thank you for hearing me ramble at 6 in the morning.

Hm, it's currently 6:07 am (central time) and Wikia seems to be up…

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Arteminx Arteminx 21 June 2012

Fashion Frenzy!

Hey, guys! Well there are been 2 major melee involved in the Activities and Developement derpartment at the moment. So, I decided that I'd go through with my idea to have some sort of fashion presentation. Anyways, the designers would upload the picture of their outfit (which they can create on websites such as Polyvore) that fit the current theme. The outfits submitted, will be judged on color coordination, originality, and presentation. The overall score will determine if you are eliminated or not.

  • 1 Elimination
  • 2 Judging
  • 3 Judging Example
    • 3.1 Design 1
  • 4 Presentation
  • 5 Partial Presentation Example/Roleplay Setup
  • 6 Designer Signup-June 2012

There will be 4 rounds and 5 designers. In each round there will be a theme (as I stated before) and 1 designer el…

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