• AstridMyx

    I didn't have a lot of time to do this last night, and I feel that it isn't fair if I don't; so here I go!

    I love you guys ALL of you. I'm not going to list names, because I don't want to forget someone or list anyone and put them in a certain order. I may come back, probably not within the month, maybe in the summer... I don't know. Some things happened during the same time period that I was most in love with this site, and those things I wish to forget. I know it isn't fair, but the site brings back bad memories, thus my leaving.

    My characters can go to whom ever, I asked onyx to tell you guys before, but I still had a lot left over. Three that I want to give to my friend (Hecate something... I'm pretty sure her username has something at t…

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  • AstridMyx

    Summer Days

    Painful sighs and lullabies is how I spend my summer

    Reading and sleeping, I'm always going under

    I wait and wait for something

    But alas I realize there's nothing


    Life is so boring

    I'd rather be snoring

    I sit on my ass all day

    I just laze away

    So why in my bed

    Do I sleep like the dead?

    Lazy Days

    I want to chill

    I want to have fun

    But I carry no will

    To play and run

    Yes I am lazy

    Times are hard

    So don't call me crazy

    You old retard

    Locked Away Heart

    My heart is cold

    And locked away

    So no one bold

    Can lead it astray

    It can't take it

    Can't take the pain

    It'll fall in a pit

    And cry, in vain

    RAWR!! I'm a ferocious animalWait...No I'm not, I'm just Astrid

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  • AstridMyx

    So I'm reopening the Character Page Coding Signup. It's just Bach (to a certain extent) and myself doing the coding so far. So, if you can code it'd be appreciated if you helped out and if you want a page coded feel free to sign up! Oh and also, all the past pages signed up that didn't get done will have to sign up again. :)

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