Summer Days

Painful sighs and lullabies is how I spend my summer

Reading and sleeping, I'm always going under

I wait and wait for something

But alas I realize there's nothing


Life is so boring

I'd rather be snoring

I sit on my ass all day

I just laze away

So why in my bed

Do I sleep like the dead?

Lazy Days

I want to chill

I want to have fun

But I carry no will

To play and run

Yes I am lazy

Times are hard

So don't call me crazy

You old retard

Locked Away Heart

My heart is cold

And locked away

So no one bold

Can lead it astray

It can't take it

Can't take the pain

It'll fall in a pit

And cry, in vain

RAWR!! I'm a ferocious animalWait...No I'm not, I'm just AstridResized

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