I didn't have a lot of time to do this last night, and I feel that it isn't fair if I don't; so here I go!

I love you guys ALL of you. I'm not going to list names, because I don't want to forget someone or list anyone and put them in a certain order. I may come back, probably not within the month, maybe in the summer... I don't know. Some things happened during the same time period that I was most in love with this site, and those things I wish to forget. I know it isn't fair, but the site brings back bad memories, thus my leaving.

My characters can go to whom ever, I asked onyx to tell you guys before, but I still had a lot left over. Three that I want to give to my friend (Hecate something... I'm pretty sure her username has something at the end...) that joined the site after my persistent suggesting/ requesting. These three are simply thank you gifts and I know since she's a newb she can't have them right away. If she wants them, she can keep them; if she doesn't than I'm sure she'll tell me that she got rid of them. These three characters are: Jade Amee Fields , Darcy Oliver, and Aliyah Smith...

I would also love it if Unu takes Orabelle Lavender, because Orabelle reminds me most of her, as well as Nezumi and Mio Sato...

Onyx, I would love it if you took Marcellus Ryder , he was my most rp'd guy character, but I'm pretty sure you have a Hades character already, so it's cool if you don't take him.

Hydro, Marco, Raid... I don't really have many guy characters; but if you guys want, any of you can have Kyu Yong and if Onyx doesn't want him Marcellus Ryder (Left overs, sorry XP). Oh and Raid, you can take Osiris too if you'd like, I mean we were sharing him, but I was the main one rping him... so yeah.

If I didn't leave a character to you, don't think I don't love you... if I gave a character away that you wanted, just talk with the person, I'm sure you guys could figure it out... Um the rest of my chars can just go up for adoption or be deleted.

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Goodbye! --AstridMyx (talk) 15:04, January 14, 2014 (UTC)

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