aka Bach or Becky

  • I live in Everywhere and no where, here and there and back again
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is 1/2 Time Lord 1/2 Wizard
  • I am Female (Last I checked)
  • BachLynn23

    {{Font |size=205 |font=harrington |align=center |color=black |text= The Day Has Come, The Sun Has Set,
    My heart it bleeds, but my soul must fly free
    I love too few, I miss too much
    Fond memories I take, though a piece of my heart shall remain behind
    I will remember you all, even those I dislike
    Life is fleeting, but this decision is long coming
    I say farewell, though I'll never be far
    For though we part here, I'll always be near.

    Your ever faithful servant, Bach
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  • BachLynn23

    Some may have known this for ages, this may be new to others. Pages that get much over 50 to 100 comments, loading comments starts to get glitchy, the level of how glitchy varies between users, but this is not a new problem. This has been a problem since forever. Well ok, forever's a long time xD since 2011 when pages started accumulating lots of comments.

    I could bore you with the nitty gritty details of 'why' this happens, but part of the problem is using templates in comments. It's a double edged sword. On one hand, because user's have more than one character, using templates helps people to better see which character is being rp'd and to read through easier who talks when.

    One way you can help start to slow this problem down a bit, is to…

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  • BachLynn23
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  • BachLynn23

    Forward Into a New Year

    January 1, 2013 by BachLynn23

    I don't know you as well as others, but you've been uber helpful on the wiki and a great admin and I thank you for that

    MOODLE...the noodle >.< hi

    You're a good kid, I know you have insecurities and such, but when you put your mind to shit, you do amazing, you've come along way since the first time I met you, and it's been great getting to watch you grow as a person and as a member of this wiki, you'll do great things in life, don't let the hater's get you down.

    NARBITS, you'll always be on the wiki, why you ask? cuz I put invisible chains on you >.< you can never leave

    Sooooo......we've definitely had our ups and a few downs, especially lately, and I'm glad we're passed that, and....well I love you and hope to have another long year of having…

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  • BachLynn23

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