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The Day Has Come, The Sun Has Set,
My heart it bleeds, but my soul must fly free
I love too few, I miss too much
Fond memories I take, though a piece of my heart shall remain behind
I will remember you all, even those I dislike
Life is fleeting, but this decision is long coming
I say farewell, though I'll never be far
For though we part here, I'll always be near.

Your ever faithful servant, Bach <3 2 April 2011 to 9 August 2014

We've had a long run you and I. It's been an amazing journey the last 3 1/2 years, but I find myself at a crossroads, and the longer I hesitate, the darker my heart grows. There's new paths out there for me to forge, users to see, edits to make, wikis to build. I'll never forget my time here, for I'll never believe for a second that any of it was ill spent. I have the honour of knowing that I held a spot on the front lines of forging this amazing wiki, but it has come time for the youth of this wiki to rise up and carry on the torch. To eke out their own place here, their own victories and their own defeats. To make this wiki their own and not let it become a dinosaur or a museum for old users who are too afraid to make changes.

My last parting advice to the entire wiki, is a desperate wish I have for you all, something that I have yet to see even in my time on the Wiki. Sometimes it is truly better to forgive than to fight, no matter what the wrong was done. Most of you guys are all so young, but every day and week I'm always hearing something about some fight or some feud or some wrong done someone else. Life is too short, no matter how hard you try, people just aren't always going to agree with you, and if you turn every confrontation into a fight to the death, you'll never know a moment of true peace for your soul. So please, as my last desperate request, to a wiki that I have considered my home and family for the last 3 1/2 years, try to let some things go even when you don't want to, if for nothing else, the sake of having peace and prosperity on the Wiki you claim to love. And remember, The Admin Team is there to guide and instruct the wiki, not rule with an iron fist, the wiki belongs to all the users, new and old, high and low, regular or Administrator. You do not have to be an Admin to request changes be made or help out where needed.

To those that have fallen before me, that probably won't read this, you are too many to list, but I find it my time to follow you and to pass on my torch. You are sorely missed and I hope to see you around.

To Whom The Characters Go

I have specific instructions for certain templates, pages, characters, etc., this will be stipulated below. I will not be like other users who post a blog and go, I will take the time to mark pages with either delete or instructions for who should be spoken to for if that char is to be taken or deleted. So once I post this I will be editing pages.


Character User They Go To Instructions
Holden Snider Definitely Wionderella and I"m sure she'll take him, but if she doesn't than I leave in her charge who will take him Do what you want, I trust you and I know you like his model any way
Lazarus Gein He goes to Hydro, if Hydro doesn't want him than I'd prefer to see him deleted He's a psycho, I hope you'll have time to make him a bigger psycho than I did :)
Ichabod Stannis I leave Brockles in charge of finding him a home He is the son of Brock's Char Alfred Stannis, so I feel it's only right that Brock choose his new owner
Syrus Lupin I leave it up to Wonder what to do with him She knows and understands his true parentage, so she should decide his fate
Athalie Decoudreau I leave to Waves to keep or give away to who she sees fit or to delete, I won't be offended Honestly I don't know who to give her to and don't know if PJO will want her even, but I like and will miss PJO and want her to have something to remember be my and I worked really h ard on Athalie's history
Lynn Marie Bennett I'd like to leave Lynn to Demi to keep or give away or delete Lynn is based on me and I can think of no one better to take her
Zandi Woods Needs to go back to Float to decide She owns Zandi's son, so it needs to be up to float what happens to this character
Tuppence I leave to Melkinz to either keep or give away to who she'd like to rp with I've rp'd her a lot with Mel and feel she would be best suited with her

Brock Garreth

I leave to Wonder to do with what she wishes Tough choice cuz I know a few who like him but.....
Fynn Schönberg Goes to Float to do with what she wishes Cuz I know she'll rp him well
Colum McLoughlin Goes to Brock to do with what he wishes He has his girl friend, so I think Brock should decide his fate
Lucius Himmler Goes to float and wonder They own his brothers
Rhys Goes to Gruff I based Rhys on Gruff's Personality, so there's no way he could go to anyone else
Jocelyn Caldwell Complicated Technically I made her out of a char that Lele owns for an rp she wanted to do, but last I checked Lele is MIA, so idk what to do with her, she's worthless without Lele, either move her to lele's ownership and archive her, or delete her, I trust your judgement on this.
Lancelot Broussard Needs to go back to Nicki She has Sasha and their histories are intertwined so she needs to decide his fate
Jorah Tennant I'd like to leave him to Minx or Float if Minx doesn't want him at all Minx had a lot to do with the Tennant kids, I feel she would do well with him, but if she doesn't want him than Float has his girl friend.
Mayuri I'd like to leave her to Pandy if she wants her and has an animal spot open If pandy doesn't want her than Float has her boyfriend so Float can decide
Ryker Thovain I'd like Ryker to go to Evil If Evil doesn't want him than Demi has his twin brother so she should decide his fate
Bastien Snowe I'd like anyone willing to rp a sassy straight dwarf to have him xD lol see Wonder

To the Users Individually

If you don't get an individual farewell message, I either don't know you or never really liked you (so basically if you aren't here, and you know that I know you quite well, but there's no message for you, terribly sorry but see the wiki had to come first over my personal feelings for you, that's just the way life works some times). You see I saw being an Administrator much like having a professional job on some levels, and that it was my duty to lead by example, so many times I held my true feelings back from people I disliked just so that there could be peace on the Wiki, because at the end of the day, the wiki always came first in my life and heart.


You may be surprised to be mentioned, I have a sneaky suspicion you feel like I dislike you over some past disagreements, but that's never been the case. Even though we don't talk any more, I still desperately wish the best for you and desperately miss seeing and talking to you on skype. If you're ever on skype, send me a shout. And see above, I left you something.


Admittedly I don't know you nearly as well as I'd like, but from what I do know you're awesome :) Keep smiling and I'm always around if you need me somewhere.


I'm going to miss being on this wiki with you like a SHIT TON!!! You'll always be welcome on any wiki I'm part of and I'm always available on skype for you at any time of day or night for any reason you need. See above, I left you something.


Well chickie, I think it's getting down to you being the oldest user left on the wiki now :/ I'll miss you tons, but I'm around if you need anything at all, no matter how much you may be afraid to bother me, you are NEVER a bother.


Well I helped you join and now I'm jumping ship, have fun here and see you round the TARDIS :)


I know you'll miss me, but I'm not leaving Wikia in general and I'm sure as HELL not leaving skype or farmville 2, so I'll always be around to chat as far as our time zones permit :) Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leaving you behind actually makes me want to cry, I will so badly miss working with you on the wiki and desperately wish you had skype so I could talk to you oodles. Keep up the great work, the wiki is safe in your care, I trust :) See above, I left you something.


Hey, so any time you need me at all, I'll be on Skype, you're a good kid, never forget that :) See above, I left you something.


Obviously I'll be on Skype xD not letting you off the hook that easy See above, I left you something.


Not sure if you edit much any more, but if you see this, it's been fun, see you around the Wiki water cooler.


You have grown so much the last year, and I am so glad I got to see it happen. I'll always be available to you for advice, and you'll always be welcome on any wiki I'm part of :) See above, I left you something.


Hey chickie, have fun :)


I have to admit, at first I wan't all so sure about you, but I think you've come a long way and it's been an honour to be on the wiki with you, keep up the great work :)


I'll miss you bunches, but I'll never be far as long as you have skype, you already know I left you Rhys, I know he's in good hands :) *hugs to death*


I wish we'd had more time to rp together, but perhaps we'll get another chance somewhere else some day. Keep up the great work, it's been fun!!!!!


We'll ALWAYS HAVE EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it, I'll email you this too but you're an amazing friend and if you ever stop emailing me I'll be so sad I'll be forced to go bankrupt buying tickets to fly to wherever you are and track you down just so I can hug you and make sure you and that amazingly adorable awesome talking brain of yours is still alive and well :) See above, I left you something.


Obviously still chat on skype but I'll definitely miss rp'ing with you :) even if you did leave me hanging a few times xD lol See above, I left you something. See above, I left you something.


I've gotten to know you a lot better since we started talking on Skype, I'll always be here to help you out if you need it, even if it's gimping or history questions or even coding :) See above, I left you something.


I know you came back, again, but now it's my turn to go :P


Hold on to Civitas and treat it well :) I know you'll do fine, I'll miss you and if you ever want to chat just message me :)


Are you there Ruby? I know you haven't been active much, but it's been an honour knowing you :)


Hehehe see you soon son ;)


Not sure if you are around or gone again, but I miss you when ever you leave, and now it's my turn :/


You're a cool kid don't ever let anyone tell you different :)


If you stop talking to me on Skype I'll hunt you down and sick a hoarde of wild and fluffy kittens on you :P See above, I left you something.


I promise I"ll get my sound card fixed by next summer so you can skype me :)

Final Farewell

And that's it, I'm afraid. There's no more from you on the transcript, that's the last I've got. I don't know what stopped you talking but I can guess: they're coming. The angels are coming for you, but listen, your life could depend on this: don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast, faster than you could believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and *don't blink*! Good luck.

The last words of a time lord's daughter, spoken this day on the 9th of August in the year of two thousand and fourteen based on the Earth Calendar.

Hello Sweetie! The Doctor is in.... Allons-y ~The Doctor Bach D7d8 doctor who new sonic screwdriver.gif

PS I can't advertise here, but if you want any news on where I'm going or what I'm working on for other wikis, feel free to message me or skype me or email me, :)