It's time to stop pretending and face the music...

As much as I love this wiki and I want to stay and keep it growing and be a part of it forever, I'd be lying to myself if I said that staying was possible. If you read my last blog post, you might be feeling a bit betrayed (maybe) but you need to know that I should never have even written that because getting over 9000 edits here is impossible for me at the moment. Over the past few months I've drifted further and further from CHB, and though I've had many guilty moments about not coming and editing, I realised that if I step back and look at the big picture, CHB is no longer a part of my life, and that's okay.

The past one and a half years have been spectacular and event-packed, right from my nooby beginnings, and so much of my time here has been sculpted by fabulous users (listed below) for whom I am eternally grateful to have met. I loved working on the admin team and checking claims, making sure newbs could stand on their own two feet, categorising and most of all, feeling like I was making a positive change in some people's lives. At present I'm like this weird stunted thing that hangs off the admin team, so I'm stepping down officially and I promise I'll at least stay around long enough to sort out all my shit.

Now, to the thank yous:

My Friends...

It would be wrong to say goodbye without acknowledging everyone who made my time here at CHB so special and memorable, so here goes...


My god, you are such a beautiful person and I wish, I wish, I WISH I had been around more often to talk and rp with you. I'm so amazed at the work you do around the wiki and I hope you stay gold forever. (Also please keep in touch with me because I can't imagine a life without being able to talk to you).


Lady, Tulio, Kit, no matter what name you go by, it's a name that should be rung out to everyone on the wiki, because everyone should know how amazing and dedicated you are to helping this place grow. You are an amazing person to talk to, and I'll miss our matching avvies forever. I hope that whatever you decide to do with your life is befitting to the amazing girl you are. On a side note, I'll forever be in awe of your ability to create such flawless characters.


Words cannot describe how much you have meant to me on my time here. You were the only person who seemed to want to help me when I was a newb, constantly making mistakes. You were so patient with me, and without your help I probably would have left the wiki before my time here had even begun. I think you are the perfect b-crat for the wiki because you are so kind and patient and well-mannered and just lovely, and I hope that you always stay that way. I'll miss you a lot, and I'm sorry to let the team down.


My lovely newb... you're awesome and it was a pleasure knowing you. Stay cool.


It was always a pleasure to rp with you, and all your characters are so cute :3


Dude, there are few words I could use to describe you. I think sassy would be at the top of the list though, closely followed with funny and bright. It was always great to see you around the wiki, and I loved your ability to turn any dead chat into a sudden bitchfest or fangirl session (most of the time with Oli), as well as your constant couple rps that everyone could follow, like some long-running soapie.

Step Daughter

You're so lovely and sweet and adorable, and I'm sorry we didn't get to talk or rp as much as we should have.


You're so fab and I hope you stay that way forever.


Even though you're a bit of a bitch, you're a huge help to the wiki and I respect you for that.


I don't know how active you are around the wiki anymore, but just know that I think you're awesome and yeah.


Sorry Luka and Sapphire never worked out, they would have been really cute together.


I wish we'd been closer during my time on the wiki, because you were kind of one of my idols. I always thought you were amazing and composed, and you worked really hard for everything and kept the wiki going, AND your coding skills were just amazing (and probably still are). I hope you keep inspiring users just like you inspired me.


I'll admit, when I first joined the wiki I didn't like you because you left me a very terse message on my talk page. Over time I got to know you better, and I'm leaving the wiki knowing that you are, in fact, a lovely person.


You're a dickhead, but you made my time on CHB pretty darn good.


Bach, there's too much to say about you and too little space. You are an amazing superwoman of a person, and I'll be in awe of you forever. I miss you so much, and I'm sorry that I couldn't keep my promise of helping the wiki to you.


I think it would be bad of me to leave without gifting my characters to people, so yeah.

Photo Name Heritage User who will inherit them
Azalea transperent Azalea Winter Daughter of Nike, Lt. Counsellor No one >.< Azalea is my beloved character, and so she will be archived.
Morrigan3 Morrigan Jespersen Daughter of Thanatos To Lady
100x0px Alex Carless Son of Aristaeus, Counsellor To Brocky
Nayra6 Nayra Capac Daughter of Hecate, Lt. Counsellor To Wifey
Luka14 Luka Belcastro Son of Demeter To Hyu, if he wants him
Newnat11 Natalie Coceancig Daughter of Cybele To Blueberry
EmmaW4 Emmaline Oliver Daughter of Melinoe, Counsellor To Pandy
AnnaF17 Frankie Hale Daughter of Palaemon, Counsellor To Catty
Ioana18 Kirsi Eriksson Daughter of Eris, Lt. Counsellor Up for Adoption
Quinton4 Quinton de Costa Son of Eros To Jayyy
100x0px Clémence Adèle Grimaldi Daughter of Morpheus To Dreamer
Branpng Branwen Remington Daughter of Apate To Music
100x0px Posy Adams Daughter of Eurybia Like Azalea, she is precious, so she can be archived.
Elke4 Elke Cloud Nymph To Lady
Newalma6 Alma Guardian of Polecats Up for Adoption
Sookie15 Saika Guardian of Polecats To Wifey
100x0px Crimson Mortiad To Fizzy
Girl with wolves 1 Marina Sanchez Storm Nymph, Leader of Ortu To some lucky guy/gal on the admin team

Roll the Credits

And that's all folks. I'm going to be honest, I felt a little teary as I was writing this, and then I decided to listen to the soundtrack of Wicked, which didn't help. However, I found a song that perfectly sums up my amazing time on the wiki.

Wicked - For Good - Lyrics

Wicked - For Good - Lyrics

Until we meet again, Birdie.

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