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Now that I've peaked your attention, I need to explain myself.

It's not a hidden fact that I have been too inactive on the wiki for a a member of the admin team in my position. You see, I think I've lost a lost of my enthusiasm and dedication to the wiki due to some of the toxic user attitudes and my general feeling like I'm not a good enough user (blah blah blah whatever, I have confidence issues). Despite all of this, I still love the wiki and I want to help it grow but I've been avoiding this for the previously mentioned reasons.

So I've come up with a proposition for myself that will be put into practice as soon as possible:

I promise not to leave the wiki until I reach 9000 edits

This entails me working my hardest to make beneficial edits to the wiki and re-earning my title as administrator (no, I'm not stepping down, I just think I don't deserve the title yet). I might even roleplay again, considering I sort of fell out of that habit. Keep in mind, I won't rp much, so I'm going to be giving up some of my characters and reserved models, so contact me if you want them.

Character Name Relationship Status Can you adopt them?
Azalea Winter Single Nope
Morrigan Jespersen Single Sigh, okay
Alex Carless Taken Nope
Nayra Capac Single Nope
Luka Belcastro Single Yup
Emmaline Oliver Single If she goes to the right person
Natalie Coceancig Single Nope
Frankie Hale Single Nope
Kirsi Eriksson Single Yup
Quinton de Costa Single Sure
Clémence Adèle Grimaldi Single Yes
Branwen Remington Single Yes
Posy Adams Single Nope
Elke Single Nope
Alma Single Yes
Sookie Single Maybe
Crimson Single Yes
Marina Sanchez Single Yes
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