'Eya. So, uh, remember Typhoon Haiyan? Aye, she sent her cousin to ravage Eastern Visayas... again. So, if I won't pop in late January or early February, then it's safe to assume that I'm... ya know... in the Underworld being chased by Cerberus.

Um so... All my characters shall go to either Pandy or KitKat if I have crossed the Styx. I do hope none of us in our town perish. IDK what I'll do if one of my classmates/teachers/family members/neighbors are dead. Especially not baby Angel. She isn't even a year old!! D:<

Well, I'll spare ya'll some overdramatic ramblings. Wish me luck and we'll meet again, hopefully. Would be awsome if I somehow become reincarnated or smthn. xD

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