aka O Rosalie, Mei ,Rivers ko'u inoa. Nicknames: Mei, or Rose, or Rosey

  • I live in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Female
  • Coolpinkcat

    Comic okay how do I start off with you? Well your crazy and hilarious. You always get on some sometimes to say hi or goodnight, which is always fun! RPing with you is a blast. Your a good friend who is totally original and is awesome in every way

    i haven;'t actually talked to you much but when I do everything is full of laughs. You are a really nice and helpful person. You rock and totally deserve an awesome New Year.

    RPing with you has been a blast. Your calm and collected and have a fun personality, you understood when I couldn't get on because of family/personal reasons. Your a good friend and it has been a pleasure having you as my friend

    You so nice, I have never seen you get mad before. your one of my al time favorite people to rp with.…

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