Hi! So....Demi and Bach has been recently talking about the Counselor positions of the different cabins. Sometimes,users just challenge for spots because it's something to brag around, something to show off. Well sorry to tell you that starting today all users with Counselor spots would be in charge of:

1.Keeping the cabin count up to date on the cabin they have spots in (making sure the number/category is correct).
2. Making sure all the chars there are in the appropriate sections (off inactive, in the mist, active, etc)
3. Making sure all are listed on the page (new campers, etc).

The users with counselor spots should also work in tandem with the users holding lt. counselor spots. If you have any questions and if you are against this new rule, please contact an administrator. I hope everyone complies with this as finally, users with counselor spots can finally have something to work with instead of just sitting around all day doing nothing. Have a nice day!

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