There are about 120 active users on this wiki as of now. When I joined last year, there were around 180 active users. With my college testing period over, I wanted to get back to this wiki. Problem is, I returned to find things going downhill. My first character had 4 different really helpful admins fix my claim; my current third character, who has not yet been claimed, has gone through repetitive problems; also, the same admins from before are not doing much today. 

My proposal is to have more workers. You may need a large work force. Everybody may need to contribute. I know we all have lives, but it if it takes 20 minutes to create a detailed character claim, it should take less to read claim. 

Arm us with a detailed guide for what a claim should and shouldn't have; if you put everything into one work, you can loosen up the repetitive service. Make everything more specific and controlled. Make sure the newbies know what they're doing; either spend more time on the same work (which is probably not possible because of REALITY) over and over, or spend some time on improving the wikia itself to reduce the initial work. 

Somethings that would help:

Create a detailed rulebook regarding how to make claims and the regulations for claims (Characters, Quests, Missions, Etc.)

Create simple Character Templates that can be quickly adopted by newb users, so they won't have to spend days making their own, and create a page where Users can look at them; like a Gallery. 

Allow everyone to have a surveillance duty. Create a Report page. If a policy has been broken, such as signs of an RPer metagaming, a troll in comments pages, etc, ANYBODY can quickly link it to the Reports page and write a simple report about what they think happened and have an Admin quickly look at it. 

When creating a Claim, you are required to link your Claim to a hub page where Rollbacks, Admins, etc. can have easy access to viewing it. On this page, ANYONE can check a claim. There is a slot for "Needs Work," and "Approved By." Basically, as long as you are a logged in User, you can put your signature under one of those slots to indicate that you think it should be approved or not. In general, it is reserved for staff members. 

Create a Template for Claims: This will allow Users to quickly organize their information for their Claims under premade Template sections. Have a "Comment" section which allows staff members to give comments that are aiming to fix errors in claims.

Have a "Review" section that allows ANYONE to share their feedback on a Claim, even if they aren't part of the staff. Here, you can even compliment the Characters if you like.

A Template for Quest/Mission Planning. This is like a reminder marker for who gets to take over who's character in a Quest/Misson RP, any notifications about activity, etc. 

For characters that will never be RPed ever again (have a certain deadline), move them up to be adopted (I'd say, if a Character is 100% inactive for 8 months, send it for Adoption)

Quest/Mission Writers: Writing Short Stories have always been a hobby of mine. What if I could write Quests/Missions for people to RP? In classic RP, such as Dungeons & Dragons, etc, there's always several pre-made storylines for the game. This will surely increase Quest Activity (This will make CHBRPW and actual Roleplaying fad). It'll be like Adoption, only for Quests/Missions.

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