So, I've lately seen a few blogs that show people what they think of everyone, and this got me to thinking, "I don't even know if people know what I think about them." So, that is what I woud like to do this time around. If I offend anyone in the process, I'm sorry in advance, and if you have an issue, please take it up with me privately. Thank you in advance.

The Wiki

As a few of you already know, I have returned from my prolonged "vacation." 

In reality, I was having some at-home issues, so, all of those have been fixed and I'm more than ready to come back and help out wherever I can. If you ever need help or just want to pass off some work, let me know.

Now, this isn't about me, this is about you even if you are not in the wiki anymore. So here goes.

The People

Well, as the name says, here are the people I would like to talk about.


I've hardly been able to talk to you lately, as Skype has been removed from my computer, but, I consider you to be a mentor of sorts and you've been there to help me from the beginning when I awkwardly asked for it. You are among one of the best friends I have, as I can always rely on you for any advice and help. You're probably one of the biggest people on the wiki, and I'm not making this to suck up to you, I'm making this to show you how I feel. I personally admire you as you're one of the people that is older, yet, matured in an odd sense that, you don't stay with people within your age group. XD But nonetheless, I love ya, Aunt Bacheh. c:


You have been a very big help in getting me situated when I came back and getting me to do something instead of slacking off. You seemed shy at first, when I met you, but that quickly changed and I like to consider you one of the people that can really be a big help. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Sam/Slay/Avingnon/Whatever Other Name I May Not Know Of

Sam, you're like a brother to me. You can be a man when we need to be serious, but at times, we mess around and it shows that you can still have a fun time. So, since I've been talking to you, however long ago that was, you have been giving me help, support, advice, and so on, and I really appreciate it so much. From one guy to another, you are like a brother to me. Thanks for all of your help.


Hmmm. Hidden. At first, I didn't know what to think of you. I thought you were a tad odd, but that was a nice trait, as I too, am very odd. Just like Sam and Bach, you've been there since the beginning, making life just a little bit easier on me. From all of the games we've played together, to just being able to vent to one another, it's been a huge honor working with you. I have, currently am, and always will be able to look at you as if you are a brother of mine. One of these days, we need to play another game, and I hope that is soon, as I have a few new games to show you. c:

Waves o' Wisdom

I'm sincerely glad I got to talk to you, because like Bach, you've been one of the few people to mentor me when I actually needed help. I hope I can be as big of a help now as I was then. If you ever need anything, please, let me know. Anyhow. Personally, I respect you as a person, even if you may have made a wrong choice here and there, but hey, I'm not one to judge, I've made plenty of errors. Hope we can talk again soon!


Okay so, by this point, we both know I like you in more ways than one, so, yeah. But, being able to hang out with you, learn some new things, and having someone I could just sing to for some random reason, it's been nice. My only regret is that we can't really talk as much as before, and no, I don't regret telling you that I like you, all that time ago. I can't really forget the Astral reading we had, and I'm just like... "O-okay *Explodes from sexual tension and awkwardness*". But no, I don't regret  being able to talk to you, having someone that I can talk to as a friend, and actually have that possibility of something more. So, it's been very nice being able to talk to you, and hopefully, we can talk some more.


Well, for a number of reasons, I wasn't sure what to think of you at first. Admittedly, you're very well-spoken, very kind, and just overall an awesome guy. When I first claimed you as a newb, and yes, you were my newbie, I thought it would be nice, having someone like that, someone that actually gives a damn what people think, and I knew that you would be a great person. All I'm gonna say about that is... I wasn't wrong. Plus you need to get back here and RP Daevyd and Ana. xD


This one is kind of hard, because I'm in a state of liking and disliking you. When I got here the first time, you were a prick, but through that dislike, I've started liking and looking up to you. And honestly, that's really changed man. I've heard about a few incidents that happened when I was gone that really made me think that you're not the person you seem to be. 


KAAAAAAT. You're like a sister to me, and I really don't have much to say. You've been a good friend, from the time I was dating Unu, and yes, sadly, we broke up ;-;, to the well... Now. You've been a great help to my writing by helping me with the claims and helping me get RB in the past. 


I have many things to say, but all of them are good, so, I'll keep it short. You are probably the most caring person that I've ever known on this site, even more caring than Bach, Hidden and Sam, and no, I don't play favorites, but you have to be one of the people that I really enjoy talking to the most. You're always there to say something kind and considerate to me, and I can't even imagine, or begin to, how much that has pulled me through some tough times. And I really hope I've helped you as much as you've helped me, because it feels like it will never be enough compared to the help you've done for me.


I'm not sure what to say, honestly. You're a great friend, but I haven't seen you lately, and I hardly talk to you anymore. But, congrats on admin.


This is where shit gets real. Brock. You are FABULOUS. You've been a BIG help since I've returned and honestly, I feel like we're on better terms than we used to be in the past, and that's wonderful, for me, not sure if it is for you. xD Again, thanks for introducing me to new stuff, to helping me out with trying to get me past the test, and so on. XD


Orbsies! You are also one of the few that could really bring my mood up, no matter what, and it's always nice to be able to talk to you. One of these days, we need to catch up and stuff. ^.^

To The Rest of the Wiki.

I've been gone quite some time, and a lot of the people I may have known may be gone now. But, either way, I'm back to help this wiki, for better or for worse, and to make some new friends along the way. Many of you have been there from the start of when I originally came to the wiki, some of you a little later after that, and a few of you after I came back a second time (this time). So, from me, to all of you, I may not know all of you, and I may not know all of you too well, but if you ever need help, or maybe I missed something. (Or maybe I should just add you to the list) Let me know.



Time Waits For No Man. Come, Let Us Dwell On The Past.

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