I am pretty stressed. Okay, so winter break is coming, and winter break means Lake Tahoe, and Lake Tahoe means skiing! However, I am still at home, warm and cozy. Winter is my favorite season, with all its holiday cheer. But, it is my first time skiing. (I know, I don't have a life, blah blah blah. I've never seen real SNOW before other than at the local ice skating rink or in pictures, so cut me some slack.) I really kind of wish that I knew HOW to even ski. My friends tell me it's really hard, since you're used to walking, and the poles really take away the fun of falling. Okay, that's reassuring - the fun of falling - but still, I'm stressed out about it. It's finally seeming REAL, after my mom bought all the equipment. Sure, I've known since yesterday ( family kind of does things on short notice), but it's still hard to accept it for what it is. Gosh. Sorry, I just needed to rant. Thanks for reading!

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