Okay~ so i'm thinking about the love of my life (let's call him RED) and Percabeth. I'm thinking about how my lovelife and Percabeth are related. in case you don't know what's Percabeth, it's Percy and annabeth put together. If you don't know who Percy and Annabeth is, i'd be asking why you signed up here. so, i'll first talk about Red and Percy and how much they are alike.

First, they are alike because Percy and red are both funny. They crack jokes. Second, it's because both of them are a little naughty even though sometimes Red is naughtier than Percy. Third is because they have an aura to them commonly labeled as troublemaker. point is, i don't blame people from calling Red that, because he really is. Usually.

So now let's talk about me and Annabeth. We are alike firstly because we're brilliant, though I'm not as brilliant as Annabeth herself :3 Second because we are the ones who rein in our guy.That is because we are the only ones who usually could.

So that's enough talk for now. Ta-Ta!

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