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    Chat Mods

    February 7, 2015 by Ephemeral Hiraeth

    Okay so a lot of you are probably going to wonder what this blog is about, so I'll give a barreling pitch to make sure you actually need to read this. You should be reading this if you are one of the following:

    • A new chat moderator
    • A curious user
    • An admin wanting to know how to check up on chat moderators

    So, if you meet one of the above conditions, then you will definitely want to read this blog!

    So if you're a new chat mod, you may have already asked the question, "How do the admins know that I'm in chat doing my job?" Well that question was something that plagued the administration and chat moderators alike for quite a while. So, with some ingenious thinking on the part of a few users, some input and some testing, this system was created. It…

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  • Ephemeral Hiraeth


    February 7, 2015 by Ephemeral Hiraeth

    Okay so this code will only work on this wiki, so don't try removing it from the wiki or I'll cut your legs off or something. xD


    So that's pretty much the practical application behind this story, #xoxo #rapunzel if you have questions, comment on the blog, or message me on my talk page.

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    February 4, 2015 by Ephemeral Hiraeth

    So, hey there guys, it's me again with another css blog; this blog will talk about how to work with links.

    Now for the most part, we use links like this: because it is an inline element that doesn't create a new line for the content in it. c:

    So, just so you guys all know, every styling that applies to text, font, backgrounds, borders and all, can be done with the a:link, a:visited, a:hover, and a:active in the .css page!

    Happy coding guys!

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  • Ephemeral Hiraeth

    So some of you may have seen the

    ––Slayingthehalcyon  (talk)

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  • Ephemeral Hiraeth


    February 4, 2015 by Ephemeral Hiraeth

    This is the next blog in the CSS installment. This blog covers CSS for the background of elements commonly known as

    So, here we have the following possible statements:

    • background-color
    • background-image
    • background-repeat
    • background-attachment
    • background-position

    • This is an example of CSS in the HTML tag value.

    • This is an example of the CSS in the MediaWiki CSS or External CSS
      • With classes I can specify what elements/tags I want the code to effect when I apply it.

    So, here's what local does, it makes it so that the picture stays in one local place, aka, at the top wherever your container for it is, or wherever else you placed it in the container.

    • Example of local

    Initial does what the element's natural state is, and inherit inherits from the class or el…

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