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Okay so a lot of you are probably going to wonder what this blog is about, so I'll give a barreling pitch to make sure you actually need to read this. You should be reading this if you are one of the following:

  • A new chat moderator
  • A curious user
  • An admin wanting to know how to check up on chat moderators

So, if you meet one of the above conditions, then you will definitely want to read this blog!

Explaining it all

So if you're a new chat mod, you may have already asked the question, "How do the admins know that I'm in chat doing my job?" Well that question was something that plagued the administration and chat moderators alike for quite a while. So, with some ingenious thinking on the part of a few users, some input and some testing, this system was created. It's called "Moderator Checkup" so you'll probably see the following template at least once or twice during your time as a moderator (admins however will see this template more often):

HelmetgreekChat Moderator Check UpHelmetgreek
Camp Half-Blood Role Play Wiki
The below template will be used to fill out your time on the wiki that you moderated.

{{Mod-Time|The day you were moderating on|The time you got onto chat|The time you got off of chat}}
Please timestamp with 5 ~'s when you get on and when you get off.

Well, "What's that?" you might ask, this is the Moderator Checkup template, which admins use to check up on your hours in chat.

"How will they check my hours in chat? It has nothing about me in it!" and a couple more thoughts may come to your mind, well have no fear, that's where the next template comes in. I'll walk you guys through creating a template for myself because let's face it, it is usually best to learn by example. c:

Setting up Your Template

So we want to start by creating a template page, so if you already know how to create a template page, kudos to you, because this will be much easier. For people that don't know though, here are the steps:

  • Create a new page, when you name it though, preface the page name with "Template:"
    • This makes the page a template page.

Now that we've done that, here's what we'll name the page: Template:Mod-Slay
Now that we've named the page, we can start to filling it in. The text with the blue background is what you will need to copy and paste into the template page.

|short username=
|template name=

|short username=Slay
|template name=Template:Mod-Slay
|times=Just wait we'll get to this part.

Simple enough right? make sure you checked out the "Filled in Example" otherwise you won't really have much of a clue what to do with the template.

Now the part where it says |times= is a breeze, this is where you, the chat moderator actually tell admins what times you've been on chat. here's what you'll use to fill it out:

{{Mod-Time|The day you were moderating on|The time you got onto chat|The time you got off of chat}} 


{{Mod-Time|Saturday February 7th|~~~~~|12:00 PM UTC}} 

Now, when you totally fill out the template it should look something like this (complete with two days of chatting) (make sure that you put in a Mod-Time for each day that you're on chat:

|short username=Slay
|template name=Template:Mod-Slay
|times={{Mod-Time|Date|Time Got On|Time Got Off}}
{{Mod-Time|Date2|Time Got On|Time Got Off}}
And it's as simple as that! Happy Chat modding!
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