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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Hello everyone! After who knows how long, this is a blog that serves to consolidate all information about New Athens into one neat little package. If you do have any more questions that remain beyond this, please do not hesitate to leave them below and myself or someone else on the admin team will answer them for you!

    The Nearby Town pages won’t be deleted! Even though, from an IC perspective, the locations themselves would have been destroyed and replaced with new buildings, none of the pages are going to be deleted due to the rps on the pages. This is due to the fact that, since the wiki’s creation, the Nearby Town has been a large part of our roleplay style. Instead, there will be a template put onto each one that denotes that the page i…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Hi everyone! I know this is the long awaited second-part to a previous blog of mine, but here it is! Whilst the original purpose of this blog was to serve as an IC mission call for Camp Half-Blood and an announcement, it has since shifted to being an announcement blog in itself. As per this vote, the Champions of Othrys event has ended prematurely and thus the mission that had been concerned with all of this will not be happening.

    Subsequently, this blog is an announcement for New Athens!

    New Athens is, so to speak, the resurrected Nearby Town. It will serve a similar purpose as the Nearby Town did but with added features to increase the depth of our wiki. As the name suggests, it is based around the concept of Camp Jupiter’s New Rome with th…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    This is the in character explanation of a major development to the wiki, brought about through this event! The out of character blog will be posted later on, more than likely tomorrow or the next day. To anyone who does know what we plan to do, please keep it a secret until then!

    Although having been cottoned onto by Alexander the Great, the Champions of Othrys have continued to scope out Camp Half-Blood and the surrounding areas to try and figure out where the best place of attack is. After months of scouting, intel from spies and just by watching the surrounding areas, the Council has deciding that the Nearby Town will be the best place of attack.

    The mission will be an attack on the Nearby Town in an attempt on the Champions' side to draw…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Hi everyone! So this is the awaited Kingdom of Olympene dynamic updates blog. With the publishing of this blog, you can put your Olympene characters into claiming.

    Please make sure you read everything thoroughly!

    This is the part of this blog that will change the most, so do keep an eye on it. I'll make sure, should I edit it, to explicitly say it's this I'm editing so you can all see any changes!

    Note: This is only if you want to display such information or for use IC.

    • Queen Arethusa, daughter of Khione (Sovereign)
      • Prince Alektyron, child of Hephaestus, aged nineteen (Oli / Joint First in Line)
      • Prince Lykon, child of Hephaestus, aged nineteen (Brocky / Joint First in Line)
      • Princess Helen, child of Persephone , aged eighteen (Miggy / Second in Line…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Hi everyone! With the revitalisation of CHB and the results of the poll in the last CoO related blog I did, the long awaited updates blog is here!

    In this blog will be the updates to all the major things going on within the Champions of Othrys Event including the status of the ongoing missions, status of the missions I advertised for and major roleplay plot developments; both present and future! If there is something here that is confusing, doesn't offer any answers or you think something is missing, please contact me either on my talk page or in the discord chat!

    I believe this'll be the best starting point to the overall blog as ever.

    In the past, the way CoO characters were made is that you had to sign up and create them from an approved l…

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