So I noticed that there's not only been a lack of Broken Covenant involvement within the CoO arch but also a yearning for it so, as any good admin would, I present to you a BC mission!

A thing to know about this mission is that it isn't strictly CoO related. I have yet to decide the reasoning for the events taken place, which is good considering we won't find them out IC until the end of the quest, so there is a possibility that the CoO might be involved but, for now, assume that they're not.


The Broken Covenant have an oracle; Madeline Beauregard. She is the Oracle of Oropos and serves much as the oracles would for Camp. Within recent weeks she has gone quiet. With factions not worrying too much about missions and Madeline herself not being aligned to any set faction herself, not a lot of worry was taken.

Recently, however, one of Heinrich's lieutenants have reported that she has gone missing. With the feeling of being stalked prevalent amongst most in the Broken Covenant, the capture of Madeline is crucial. Children of Kronos have used their abilities to pin point a few locations as to where she would be. It is up to those chosen to go on the mission to find her and bring her back to safety.

The Notice

A notice was spread quickly around The Sanctuary that reads;

IMPORTANT NOTICE. It has been discovered that the Oracle of Oropos has gone missing and is unable to be found within the immediate vicinity. The Covenant asks that a group of five will go on a mission to bring her to safety before any harm comes of her. You must be well trained and ready to face whatever may come your way. Please see your faction leader with details on joining.

Premise of the Mission

Objectively, this mission has no goals in terms of the CoO events should I choose to make her be kidnapped some other way. However should I choose to make the kidnapping of Madeline be CoO related, it not only will foreshadow future quests but also let the BC know that something more dangerous is out there than they previously had expected.

The difference with this mission is that they will be led on a chase and, at two of the three locations saw by the children of Kronos, there will be clues on who took her and where she is. (This means as and when the mission reaches those points, I will need to be able to post the clues as and when). As always, the full outline will be on the page when I have picked the mission goers and have posted the page.

There will be five mission goers. Please use the form below;

Faction and God Parent:
Any particular expertise in weapons?
Why should you go on the mission?

The Mission Goers


I have seen requests to make a blog of sorts detailing the CoO and everything that's happened so far. If that is something you'd like to see, please vote below;

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