Hello everyone! Here's the first mission for the Champions of Othrys event. It is a Champions of Othrys mission and as such only they will be allowed to sign up.

The Basics Leading To This

Akela Kalili is a daughter of Hephaestus who has the gift to control Greek Fire, a thing bestowed upon her family by Prometheus, her ancient ancestor. Whilst she cannot summon it, through forgoing any usual Hephaestus powers, she can manipulate it in various ways. Subsequently, she is an asset to any side.

Naturally, her allegiance is to Camp Half-Blood. She resided at Camp for a year or so before being installed as the Guardian of Hephaestus' Nevadan Workshop. There, it is her job to protect the various projects being worked on by a select number of Hephaestus children whilst she herself has a small squadron of automatons to protect her.

The Champions found out about her existence when a child of Prometheus sworn to them stumbled across the workshop in an attempt to find some Greek Fire (the workshop is among the only places known on the mortal world to have some). He managed to relay the information back to the Council before he was killed and, thus, the Champions have been planning to abduct what they see as a powerful weapon - Akela.

In this roleplay, Akela is being attacked and, will when completed, be kidnapped by the Champions.

This mission not only serves as a preface to the events leading to that roleplay, but also as a test to see how effective these missions will run.

The Council Orders

Kingston WB

Kingston Meng
Son of Kronos • Champions of Othrys Councilmen

"Champions! As some of you know, we have been planning an expedition to capture something that'll be of great use to us! Some of you might be wondering what could be more useful than children of the Titans themselves? Well! What if I told you that there was a being out there who could control Greek Fire? I know, I know. She's a daughter of Hephaestus but her origins lay in Prometheus and thus I expect that she shan't be treated with too much prejudice when she arrives. The Council has been working on a plan to capture her after one of our own sacrificed himself to tell us of her existence. Now, this will be a tough mission. The girl is coined as the Guardian of Hephaestus' Workshop and within the workshop itself are children of the God who work on his various missions. Alongside that, there are a group of automatons whose sole purpose is to protect her should she need it, so it'll be a rough one. We require only the best to go forth and capture this weapon."

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The Premise of the Mission

The mission will capture Akela and she shall be brought back to The Spire.

The outline of the mission, including the various locations and such will come after when all those who want to sign up have done so!

The mission will need five members and we will be selective on who we pick. Fret not! If you aren't picked for this mission and you signed up, you will have first priority come the next mission.

I'm going to trial a form for this mission sign-up and based on how it's received and completed, it may or may not stay for the remainder of the missions;

  • Name:
  • Titan Parent:
  • Any particular expertise in weapons?
  • Why should you go on the mission?

Please note that the character MUST have a page in order to go on the mission. Mission sign-ups will be open for one week and will close on 2 December 2017 at 6 PM (GMT).


The Mission Goers

  1. Rory Maximillian, son of Mnemosyne (Nata)
  2. Jezebella Matthias, daughter of Kronos (Vic)
  3. Hope Jefferson, daughter of Eos (Dirael)
  4. Kara Jensen, daughter of Tethys (Soph)
  5. Donovan Kingston, son of Lelantos (Jaye)

There you go!

Please sign up!!

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