I could honestly give you all a long paragraph on why this is happening now but the tl;dr version is it'd make sense for it to happen and I don't want to wait until the mission/quest duo thing is over lmao


Like Camp, the CoO have been stalking the BC for a while now, just figuring out what they do and how they work. They've deployed two spies into the faction and, from their relayed info, seem to have a good idea on what's what.

In an attempt to make the Broken Covenant combust from the inside, the Champions of Othrys aim to assassinate Heinrich whilst making the scene framed, as if any one of the factions can be blamed. From there, internal arguments should ensure that nothing productive can be done on the BC's side.

As per this roleplay, the plan will be in motion soon. Whoever is chosen to go on this mission, I will contact you either on chat or via IM when it is starting.

The Council Orders


Kingston Meng Son of Kronos • CoO Councilman

"The time has come for the Broken Covenant to feel the wrath of us Champions! The faction is one that advocates for the removal of the Gods with the replacement of a variety of things - depending on which faction you prescribe to. As much as we could ally with them and have them do half of our job, they themselves are products of the Gods. There are some demi-titans amongst them and we shall try avidly to make them see the way, but otherwise they, like Camp, must feel the wrath of the New World. This mission will be one where only a select few will go, due to the nature. I'm putting the faith of the Council in you Champions. Don't fail!"

Premise of the Mission

The mission will kill Heinrich and will be a way for the Broken Covenant to get involved in the event as well as opening the way for a revamp.

As always, the outline of the mission will be posted on the page as and when I have all the signups.

This mission will have three mission goers who'll meet up with Sawyer and Elina at The Sanctuary. Please use the form below;

Titan Parent:
Any particular expertise in weapons?
Why should you go on the mission?

Please note that the character MUST have a page in order to go on the mission. Mission sign-ups will be open for one week and will close on 27 January 2018 at 6 PM (GMT).

The Mission Goers

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