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Although having been cottoned onto by Alexander the Great, the Champions of Othrys have continued to scope out Camp Half-Blood and the surrounding areas to try and figure out where the best place of attack is. After months of scouting, intel from spies and just by watching the surrounding areas, the Council has deciding that the Nearby Town will be the best place of attack.

The Council Orders


Kingston Meng Son of Kronos • CoO Councilman

"Fellow Champions, after months of deliberation The Council has decided on the perfect place of attack against Camp Half-Blood. Some of you might assume said area is a lesser defended part or perhaps the lake that borders one half of it. You would be wrong. Near the Camp is a town that, from what we have gathered, is frequented massively by by the demigods and our traitor brethren. There might be questions of why the town? Well, we have learnt from our scouting that Camp Half-Blood is putting it's all into protecting the camp itself. We are inclined to believe that each cabin is presiding over something and, as some campers have been there for years, these defences should be quite effective - even against us. By attacking the town, something Camp has either disregarded as place of attack or has neglected to consider such a thing, we will have the element of surprise. Our aim, through attacking the town, is to draw a large portion of them from Camp Half-Blood so we can attack and, ultimately, be triumphant! With this mission, there is no limit to the numbers - the more the merrier!"

Premise of the Mission

The mission will be an attack on the Nearby Town in an attempt on the Champions' side to draw the campers from Camp so they can launch an attack there.

As always, the outline of the mission will be posted on the page as and when I have all the signups.

This mission will have no limit as to who can join. The more numbers there are, the more 'bands' of Champions there'll be. Please use the form below;

Titan Parent:
Any particular expertise in weapons?
Why should you go on the mission?

Please note that the character MUST have a page in order to go on the mission. Mission sign-ups will be open for one week and will close on 5 September 2018 at 6 PM (GMT).

The Mission Goers

  1. Edison Mae, Atlas, Mission Leader (Brocky)
  2. Venus Bellerose, Themis (Miggy)
  3. Jezebella Matthias, Kronos (Vic)
  4. Annika "Nikki" Zelmerlöw-Meyer, Hyperion (Lilly)
  5. Stefan Herschel, Styx (Hyu)
  6. Donovan Kingston, Lelantos (Jaye

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