The time has come (oops tried to be dramatic). Claiming for the Champions of Othrys is now open.

The place of claiming is here: Claiming:Champions of Othrys

The way in which the claiming will work will be similar to that of the Broken Covenant - any claimer can initially approve the claim in terms of it's content before a Council Member of the Champions will approve the claim in terms of conforming to the ideology of the CoO. Those who can approve claims in the latter sense are myself, Mel, Brocky, Ash and Gruff - the corresponding characters are as follows; Kingston, Aileen, Edison, ______ and Abel.

Remember, the ideology of the Champions is that they hate the world the Gods created - they find it worthless and want to destroy it and everyone on it to allow the titans to create a new perfect world. Key note, just because their titan parent sided with the Gods in wars doesn't mean the demititans will.

This marks the beginning of the event essentially!

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Claiming Form



Titan Parent:

Mortal Parent:




Reason For Joining the CoO:


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