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It's been a hot minute since I've discussed the Champions of Othrys and the event and I do want to revamp it, so here's the introduction to that revamp!

The Changes

The main changes is that it won't be a wiki-wide event. Instead, the CoO will be established as a third institution for characters to be claimed under (much like Camp and the Broken Covenant) and there'll be more specific, direct missions carried out by the CoO so we can achieve goals that were planned under the event.

There'll still be a conflict or two, but it won't be an all-out scale war like I had previously envisioned.

I, and the admin team, believes that this way of doing things allows more freedom in storylines. For example, before, the Broken Covenant would've ultimately aligned with Camp whereas, through this, some parts of the BC can whilst others can help the CoO.

Contexts of Each Institution

Here I'm going to explain how each institution (Camp, BC & CoO) are feeling at the moment. This means that, canonly IC, these things are well known! Feel free to add them into rp's and such :)

Camp definitely knows something is up. They don't know what fully, but they feel the need to be more on the defensive. Counsellor meetings with Alexander have been called more often, so much so that the regular camper would definitely be concerned as to what's going on. If you're not a Counsellor then you'd be in the dark about the whole ins and outs of Camp's concerns.

For Counsellors: Alexander would've revealed that he believes Camp is under threat. He's unsure if it's the Broken Covenant trying to make another strike on Camp or another entity, but he believes there's reason enough for Camp to be put on the defensive. Things such as seeing some spies of the CoO and such have alerted him. Counsellors will have been advised to make sure their cabin is in the best shape they can be with their training, just in case the time comes where they do need to defend themselves.

For Lt Counsellors + Campers: The influx of Counsellor meetings will have made them worried. They don't know how worried they should be, but there's at least a concern. Gossip has left that of who's sleeping with who and now gravitates around what the talks are about. They're aware the Counsellors aren't to speak under any circumstances about what they know but all campers will have felt the added pressure of excelling in training, meaning some might suspect a defensive nature may arise.

Broken Covenant
The Broken Covenant doesn't feel as weary as Camp does and they don't have a reason to be. Whilst they are being spied on, the spies deployed by the CoO are clearly doing a better job concerning the BC rather than Camp. Some BC members may have suspicions that something might be out there, but for the most part, the Broken Covenant isn't too worried.

Internally amongst power, however, there is turbulence. Some factions don't agree with not only one another, but with the leadership of Heinrich. No definite plot has been set in place on what they intend to do, but be known that Heinrich is slowly losing his grip of power. (This is said mostly bc a new BC order hasn't been set up so I don't know how this part will escalate. Just know that some in the BC aren't impressed with Heinrich and intend to remove him somehow).

In other news, the Factions seem to be taking sides with one another. The two Superums, Opus and Liberi, are entering an alliance of sorts and the latter seems to be in the process of integrating under Opus. The other three factions - Veritum, Ortu and Civitas - don't seem to be having anything similar, though one can never be sure...

Champions of Othrys
The Champions of Othrys are currently mobilising their plan. They want to destroy anything the Gods have made so that the titans can make them better, stronger. That does mean the extermination of all demigods. They understand this is extreme and, like they explain to all new recruits, demigods ultimately stand as the true representation of the Gods attempting to appear benevolent and good when they are, in the CoO's eyes, not. Sure the deaths of millions of demigods can be argued as unnecessary, the CoO believe it to be another step towards creating the perfect, Titan-created and controlled world.

They're spying on Camp, wondering when to attack and what places seem most vulnerable. They seem to be focusing on the Nearby Town, realising it's a hot spot for camper activity. Naturally, Camp is it's main target as the institution most pro-God. If they were to invade, they wouldn't think twice about sparing any demi-titans, but they'd have to make sure they're completely loyal. Any hesitations and they would give them the same fate as the demigods.

They're spying on the BC too, but they don't have the same concerns as they do with Camp. Currently, the CoO would be looking at the rising tensions of the BC and would try and exploit it, make it worse. A plan currently being tossed about in the CoO is a member killing Heinrich and framing one of the faction leaders to ensure the split.

A regular CoO member would just know that plans are being put into place and should be readying themselves to be active in fighting for their cause.


That's all the updates!! I apologise or any spelling mistakes n shit bc it's 3am and I'm lazy and I hate proofreading.

Basically the things to take away from here are the contexts of the three groups, the notion that there'll be a BC revamp and, finally, that missions will be started and signups'll follow that too!

Leave any questions below!!

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