So as we’ve all come to know, contests are coming back slowly! In light of that, we’re addressing the second part of people's’ requests- an event. In the past we’ve had Lilith’s Letter and such which were fairly popular and well received by the community. So in an attempt to recreate it, here is a proposal for an event!

So the event revolves around the introduction of a third group, Champions of Othrys??? (please suggest names below!). This group consists solely of demi-titans who are loyal to their parents. Unlike Camp who remain loyal to the Gods and the Broken Covenant who each have their own ideology, this group believes in serving the titans and carrying out their "wishes".

The way this group will be ran is different from the existing BC and Camp. Instead of individuals running smaller groups under one figurehead, this group will be ran by a small council made up of five people with equal power. Essentially they’d get the "orders" from the titans and relay it to those in the group. Bar myself, Ash and Brocky who will be making three of these council members, we will need two more people - if you’re interested, please state so in a comment below c:

Personally, my favourite aspect of the LL event was the crossover between Camp and the BC. Considering they’re portrayed as enemies, it’d be interesting to see them working together again - something I’d love to focus on in this event.

Of course, the beginnings of this event will be the mundane roleplays where awareness of the third group’s creation is spread within Camp and the Broken Covenant with the addition of meetings between the counsellors in Camp and leaders in the BC when the third group has reached a substantial amount of people within it. From then, the events should go like this:

  • The third group will pose as a threat to Camp and the BC who learn of the motives via either an attack by the third group or through spying.
  • Anticipating preparations for essentially war, the Camp and BC will have a conference in which it’ll hopefully be decided that they’ll need to work together for a second time in order to defeat this threat. This’ll be more realistic because neither organisation wants to be destroyed.
  • A variety of locations will have been targeted and controlled by the third group in order to weaken or hinder the Gods or to weaken or hinder Camp and the BC or places where they can easily summon the Titans.
  • The Camp and BC will create teams of characters who’ll go to each location and try to achieve something there (this may be killing the third group’s person of power, obtaining an item or taking control of the location itself)
  • Depending on the interest as the event progresses, there will be a set number of missions that, when succeeded or failed, will account towards the end game.
    • We do want to attempt to include naval warfare into this event so if things - for this reason - are a bit choppy when it comes to this aspect, please bear with us as it is the first time we'd be attempting it!
  • The end game will involve the defeat of the group which will happen in two ways. The first way, if we have enough interest to carry us through, will involve Camp and the BC defeating the group by capturing all their locations and potentially their HQ. The second way is that, if the event loses interest, the Gods themselves will destroy the group’s forces. Either way will be followed by a wiki vote on what should happen to the group.

The reason as to why this is a blog is so that if you have any suggestions as to what we can do to improve this idea and make it flow more easily on the wiki, you can leave it in the comments below and we’ll amend it before putting up as a forum that we can all vote on~!

What I assume will be asked questions:

What is the third group’s stance on the demi-titans at Camp and their parents?

This group will regard them as traitors and worthless for allying with the Gods and Demi-Gods and as as such they won’t hesitate to attack them.

Will there be any character death in this event?

Only if you want your character to die. Other than that, any deaths will be characters who were created for this event alone and will die via course of it.

Can I create someone for the new group?

Yes! Anyone of the wiki is free to create a person for the new group (this is encourage too!) however, the leaders will be strictly to the admin team, much like the BC. Though we do also encourage the creation of BC characters during this event too! Likewise if you do have a Broken Covenant character we encourage that you actively rp them throughout this event.

What will happen to this group once the event is over?

There will be a vote by the community to determine the outcome of this group once the event has finished. This way it involves the wiki even more rather than the admins taking complete control.

After this blog has been made and we have enough comments to amend and make this event proposal what the community wants, there will be a vote on whether we go through with this or not and, following that, another blog will be made that will serve as a sign up blog.

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