Hi everyone! With the revitalisation of CHB and the results of the poll in the last CoO related blog I did, the long awaited updates blog is here!

In this blog will be the updates to all the major things going on within the Champions of Othrys Event including the status of the ongoing missions, status of the missions I advertised for and major roleplay plot developments; both present and future! If there is something here that is confusing, doesn't offer any answers or you think something is missing, please contact me either on my talk page or in the discord chat!

Status of Creating CoO Characters

I believe this'll be the best starting point to the overall blog as ever.

In the past, the way CoO characters were made is that you had to sign up and create them from an approved list (which will be shown at the bottom of this section) and it was first come, first served.

Now, anyone can make a Champion of Othrys. Rules still apply; they must be made from the approved list and must be a demi-titan or a nymph/spirit created from a Titan.

  • Aigaios - Titan of Sea-Storms
  • Anchiale - Titaness of Warming Heat of Fire
  • Asteria - Titaness of Oracles and Prophecies of night, including Prophetic Dreams, Astrology, and Necromancy.
  • Astraeus - Titan of Dusk, Stars, Planets, and the Art of Astrology
  • Clymene - Titaness of Renown, Fame and Infamy
  • Eos - Titaness of Dawn
  • Epimetheus - Titan of Afterthought and Excuses
  • Eurybia - Titaness of Mastery of the Seas
  • Eurynome - Titaness of Water-Meadows and Pasturelands
  • Hecate - Titaness of Magic, Witchcraft, The Night, Moon, Ghosts and Necromancy
  • Hyperion - Titan of Light
  • Koios - Titan of Inquisitive Intellect
  • Lelantos - Titan of Air and Hunter's Skill of Stalking Prey
  • Leto -Titaness of Motherhood and Protector of the Young
  • Menoetius - Titan of Violent Anger, Rash Action and Human Mortality
  • Mnemosyne - Titaness of Memory, Remembrance and the Inventress of Language and Words
  • Oceanus - Titan of Ocean Stream and Fresh Water
  • Perses - Titan of Destruction
  • Phoebe - Titaness of Bright Intellect
  • Prometheus - Titan of Crafty Counsel and Forethought
  • Rhea - Titaness of Generation, Female Fertility and Motherhood
  • Styx - Titaness of Hatred
  • Tethys - Titaness of Fresh Water
  • Theia - Titaness of Sight
  • Themis - Titaness of Divine Law and Order

Status of the Current Missions

As you all may or may not know, currently there are four missions that are in effect, whether that be ongoing with roleplaying or in the process of signing up. They are as follows;

Please see their sub-header to see what the plan is for them!

The Mission to Capture the Greek Flame & The Quest to Save the Greek Flame

As both of these are intertwined wholly, I'll be addressing them together.

Although both of these are ongoing and, ideally I'd love to see them roleplayed throughout, I don't think we have the time nor the activity levels to ensure that this can happen. Subsequently, I have decided that both will be elevated to The Crossover Point.

I haven't thought of the actual setting for the crossover yet (I have a few options I'm tossing about in my head, none of which is solidified) but I'll update the forum with it and those involved will be notified!

The Mission to Assassinate Heinrich

This mission will be revamped and posted in a new blog, so do keep your eye out for it!

The Mission to Save the Oracle

This mission will be put onto hold until further notice.

Future Plans and Missions

  • A Champions of Othrys' Mission to Abduct an Oracle from Camp
  • A Champions of Othrys' Mission to attack Camp indirectly (coming soon - look out for the blog!)
  • A Camp Half-Blood Counsellors Meeting (coming soon - look out for the blog!)
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