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Finalised Line of Succession

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  • Queen Arethusa, daughter of Khione (Sovereign)
    • Prince Alektyron, child of Hephaestus, aged nineteen (Oli / Joint First in Line)
    • Prince Lykon, child of Hephaestus, aged nineteen (Brocky / Joint First in Line)
    • Princess Helen, child of Persephone , aged eighteen (Miggy / Second in Line)
    • Prince Alcaeos, child of Zeus, aged seventeen (Kevin / Third in Line)
    • Princess Chrysothemis, child of Thanatos, aged sixteen (Audrey / Fourth in Line)
    • Princess Sappheire, child of Melinoe, aged fifteen (Vic / Fifth in Line)
    • Prince ???, child of Hades, aged ??? (Flop / Sixth in Line)
    • Prince Illium, child of Aphrodite, aged thirteen (Shadow / Seventh in Line)
  • Prince Zenicetes, son of Persephone (Eighth in Line)
    • ???, child of ???, aged nineteen (Muse / Ninth in Line)
  • Prince Therapon, son of Hercules (Tenth in Line)
    • Princess Demetria, child of Dionysus, aged nineteen (Lilly / Eleventh in Line)
    • Princess Atalanta, child of Apollo, aged sixteen (Jaye / Twelfth in Line)
    • Princess Theia, child of Ares, aged sixteen (Time / Thirteenth in Line)
  • Princess Oreithyia, daughter of Mnemosyne (Fourteenth)
    • Princess Aikaterine, child of Hermes, aged sixteen (Hannah / Fifteenth in Line)
  • Prince Hippocoön, son of Deimos (Sixteenth in Line)
    • Princess Lydia, child of Asteria, aged eighteen (Hyu / Seventeenth in Line)
  • Prince Chremonides, son of Eros (Eighteenth in Line)
    • Prince Exaduis, child of Elpis, aged sixteen (Manolo / Nineteenth in Line)
  • Princess Cyrene, daughter of Aglaea (Twentieth in Line)
  • Princess Olympias, daughter of Zeus (Twenty-First in Line)
    • Princess Phyllis, daughter of Plutus, aged ??? (Sophia / Twenty-Second in Line)

Who Gets to Camp How

Option One

This is the option where, during a period where Olympene is situated close enough to Long Island, some Campers are given blessing from Poseidon to come rescue a select number of royals left behind from the mass prayer. This happens after the second option.

  • Princess Chrysothemis, child of Queen Arethusa and Thanatos (Audrey)
  • Prince Ilium, child of Queen Arethusa and Aphrodite (Shadow)
  • Princess Phyllis, child of Princess Olympia and Plutus (Sophia)

Option Two

This is the option where a group of royals, thanks to an idea born from the minds of Princes Lykon & Alektyron and Princess Atalanta, pray to the Gods to let them attend Camp Half-Blood - something they heard about from gossip around the island. Once their prayers are answered, they are all allowed one boat trip that is blessed through the stormy and in-navigable which takes them to Camp. This happens before the first option.

  • Prince Alektyron, child of Queen Arethusa and Hephaestus (Oli)
  • Prince Lykon, child of Queen Arethusa and Hephaestus (Brocky)
  • Princess Helen, child of Queen Arethusa and Persephone (Miggy)
  • Princess Sappheire, child of Queen Arethusa and Melinoe (Vic)
  • Prince(ss)???, child of Prince Zenicetes and ??? (Muse)
  • Princess Demetria, child of Prince Therapon and Dionysus (Lilly)
  • Princess Atalanta, child of Prince Therapon and Apollo (Jaye)
  • Princess Theia, child of Prince Therapon and Ares (Time)
  • Princess Aikaterine, child of Princess Oreithyia and Hermes (Hannah)
  • Princess Lydia, child of Prince Hippocoön and Asteria (Hyu)

Finalised Personality of the Parents

Here is where you'll find the personality of the royal parents! Please make sure to follow them as you write your history. If you have any questions about what a parent might do in a certain situation, feel free to leave a comment, message me on my talk or on discord and I'll get back to you!

Queen Arethusa

  • Born 1978; forty years old
  • Known for her humbleness, kindness and generosity; is cited as one of Olympene's best monarchs when it comes to that
  • However, in the same breath, she is known for being one of the more headstrong monarchs
  • Is somewhat stubborn and once she makes up her mind, isn't easily swayed
  • Puts House Ayteria before anything else
    • Second place devotion goes to The Olympians
  • You'll never see any faux pas of her in public as she's perfected her professional manner and knows exactly what's expected of her at all times
  • Whilst she has desires to be remembered almost Olympene's many monarchs, she doesn't want to be known as the best of the best
    • Would rather be remembered for smaller things than anything large
  • Is a strict parent, uses "I'm the Queen" and "I'm your mother" are reasons as to why her kids can't do certain things
    • This is mostly out of protection on her part, seeing as her elder brother died due to, in her opinion, her father's chill personality
    • No means no, end of story

King Sophocles

  • Born in 1976; forty-two years old
  • Is known to be among the smartest in all of Olympene, a trait he has no qualms teaching to his step-children
  • Incredibly loyal to Arethusa; understanding, accepting and encouraging of the role she had to play as bearer to demichildren
    • He still has four children with her, all below the age of nine;
      • Prince Kallipides
      • Princess Anastasia
      • Princess Rhea
      • Princess Althaia
  • Out of him and Arethusa, he's the pushover parent
    • He won't say no to any of the kids, mostly because he is a believer that saying no will just divert them towards the path of greed and accelerate any process relating to that
    • If he says no to something, then that means nothing will come of it, so you might as well stop asking
  • Is cited as the model husband in Olympene
  • He's in Arethusa's shadow a little bit, but he's more than content being there as he can see the good she's doing for their island
  • Came from a poorer family and was the first consort to be chosen for genuine love rather than political, economical or social gain
    • His family were given a last name and were made noble after Arethusa's ascension

Prince Laeretes (deceased)

  • Born in 1975; died in 1993 at the age of eighteen
  • Is the deceased eldest son of King Perikles IV
  • He was trained from birth to be the perfect ruler and that was something that was close to his heart
  • In light of his passing, some have referred to his obsession with becoming remembered as one of the most perfect rulers as greed and others see it at face value and defend his desires
    • In reality he didn't know any better because that's all his education was geared towards
  • As he got older, he wanted to test the Great Curses so he could figure out where the island stood with Olympians
    • His plan was, as his reign progressed, to test said Curses over and over to see the effect his reign had
  • When he was eighteen, one of them got the better of him (Poseidon's raging seas) and took his life, shaking up his younger siblings
  • He was known to his siblings as being the best person to cite as your role model
    • He was also regarded by many as their favourite sibling
    • Supportive of their individual goals, wanted them to succeed and had already promised all of them that he wouldn't force them into marriages that they didn't want to be in

Prince Zenicetes

  • Born in 1979; thirty-nine years old
  • Lowkey a flower child
  • Always was more concerned with the fauna of the island rather than the politics that his family had rooted themselves into
  • In his youth, he would've quite happily given up his title if it meant he could tend to the gardens in peace
    • He used to get slack from their father because Laeretes was so driven towards his role and Arethusa was showing political prowess
  • He was known for being kind, patient and having a laid-back personality
    • Very little could bother him (though the jabs from his father were things that could get him heated)
  • Though in the winter, his personality could become abysmal and he'd be very distant
    • Had strong views about his mother and her ordeal with Hades and, though knowing it was stupid and petty of him, held a grudge against Laeretes as he was a son of Hades
  • A thing of House Ayteria is, when the heir of the throne dies, the next in line doesn't always have to get it
    • The monarch can, if they so choose, elect a new heir from their remaining children based upon the qualities they possess
      • Zenicetes had thought, given his popularity with the people during his youth, that he might be the successor of the Olympenian throne and was sorely bitter when Aurethusa, the next in line anyway, was confirmed to be the heir
  • The above event has made him more reclusive and it's rare to see him attend royal functions, tending solely to the flowers
    • Concerns over his dedication to the crown and, by extension, the festivals to honour the Gods, have been raised and suggestions include stripping him and his descendent of their royal titles
  • His discipline is weak, next to nothing, and he regularly leaves his kids in the presence of royal nannies so he can tend to the gardens
  • Is single, hasn't married at all

Prince Therapon

  • Born in 1981; thirty-seven years old
  • Was the closest to Laeretes next to Arethusa
    • Could say the three of them made a small trio growing up
      • Like, their father couldn't be as close to all his kids as he wanted so Laeretes and Arethusa acted as a mix of caring older brother and sister and parents to him
  • Not gonna lie, he was always the cheekiest kid but he was lovable so he got away with it half the time
    • Laeretes and Arethusa found it so hard to discipline him
      • Consequently, even now, he sometimes doesn't realise his actions have consequences and repercussions
  • His personality probably had the biggest one-eighty after Laeretes' passing
    • King Perikles IV decided after Laeretes' attempts at figuring out where the Curses stood that Arethusa needed to be watched almost
      • Given Therapon's heritage as a son of Hercules, he was tasked with watching over and protecting Arethusa
  • Whilst it was great at first, the new dynamic caused the siblings to go from a close, personal relationship to one that was more akin to a guard and his sovereign
    • Therapon has no qualms with laying down his life for Arethusa, half because he knows he'd be expected to but half because she's among the only links he has left to Laeretes
  • Had a wife who passed away early into some of his children's childhoods
    • His father had made sure he had been set up well and his wife ended up being Lady Myrine of House Phociri - the second most powerful house next to House Ayteria
      • She passed away due to Artemis' curse that women were resistant to healing techniques - she fell ill and nothing could save her
  • Doesn't discipline his children much at all as he's too focused with his role - also because he believes they need a maternal figure rather than him

Princess Oreithyia

  • Born in 1982; thirty-six years old
  • Is generally regarded as one of Olympene's top scholars and best historian
  • Was effected the least by her eldest brother's passing
    • She had thought he was idiot and insane for actively testing the Curses of the Olympians and had an almost 'well what did he expect?' attitude when he passed
      • Still, she mourned and continues to mourn for him, but believes Arethusa made a better monarch than he would've done
  • A devoted mother who, if she had her way, would be rarely seen without her children
    • She rarely procreates with the Gods, instead choosing to have a number of children with her husband
  • She's the only royal to marry a non-noble; marrying a common man by the name of Alypius
    • Upon marriage, Alypius and his family were elevated into nobility, forming the House of Sybine
  • Is known for being strict yet fair
  • Was one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Olympene
    • Was adamant that she'd marry for love and not for any form of political gain, hence the marriage to a commoner

Prince Hippocoön

  • Born in 1984; thirty-four years old
  • Was the token 'emo' child of the bunch
  • Married fairly late; married at age thirty
    • Married Lady Hesione of House Eubatis
      • The marriage is purely political and there has yet to be any offspring from it
  • As he grew up, he was always just an 'average' Prince
  • This is mostly because he never went out of his way to impress his father or the people of Olympene, but he always took care to make sure he didn't mess up his duties
  • He would've been content with losing his royal titles and just being a confidant close to the family
    • He did, however, find his joy in being in charge of creating the illusions of terror in the Festivals that account the history of Olympene
  • Isn't a strict parent, but isn't relaxed either. Mostly average
    • Very logical; if he can't see a reason to not let his kids do anything, then he'll let them do it but also vice versa
  • Largely dotes on his kids but gets distant as and when the festival celebrating Olympene draws close

Prince Chremonides

  • Born in 1985; thirty-three years old
  • The flirty one
  • He was always a nightmare for his father to try and set up with a suitor because, quite simply, he'd have five others wrapped around his finger unofficially
  • Holds the title of most potential suitors in Olympenian Royalty history
    • Seventeen, to be exact
  • Is currently married to Lord Meidias of House Eresidaea
    • His marriage is currently the only homosexual one in the immediate Olympenian royal family
      • Homosexuality isn't outlawed nor frowned upon in Olympene, but after Chremonides' wedding, there was a rise in same-sex marriage throughout the island
  • Probably the chillest parent out of all of the royal siblings
    • Like his husband, Meidias, does most of the discipline work
      • This is because, in Chremonides' own words, he's a free spirit who can't be tamed
        • Code for probably hosting some extravagant sex party
  • Still, he tries his best so he's not completely absent
  • Was effected the least by Prince Laeretes' death
    • Was more effected by his father's neglect of his younger children, which for the most part, started at Chremonides
  • His goal, as a father, is to be seen as better than his own

Princess Cyrene

  • Born in 1986; thirty-two years old
  • TBA until someone sighs up with a kid of hers'

Princess Olympias

  • Born in 1988; thirty years old
  • Probably treated the shittiest out of all the royal siblings
  • At the time of her father's passing, she was twelve years old
    • In a rush, he courted her off to a much older nobleman in a purely political marriage
      • She was, for a time, married to Lord Doreios of House Haclea - a dying house that needed a marriage such as one to Olympias to survive
        • One child came from the marriage, Olympias having given birth at thirteen
          • Prince Baerius
  • Though she wanted to, Arethusa was powerless in terms of Olympias' marriage at the beginning of her reign and couldn't help her younger sister
    • After a few years of marriage, however, Arethusa annulled the contract her father had laid out, divorcing Olympias and Doreios
      • It is because of this marriage that a marriage law came about in Olympene that made it so no person under the age of sixteen could get married, consent given or not
  • Because of her first marriage, Olympias is single and refuses to get married
  • Olympias is a devout mother and dotes on her kids massively
    • They are, undoubtedly, the light of her life
  • She wasn't close to Prince Laeretes before his passing and thus has no real memory of him
    • This saddens her, but Olympias is a realist person and knows nothing could be done
  • She is less effected by the neglect from her father, harbouring contempt for him more based on the marriage he set her up for
  • Thanks to the efforts of Arethusa, the two sisters are close with Olympias being one of the higher up members in Arethusa's Royal Court
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