Hi everyone,

I hope you've had a happy holidays and a festive new year, but with those things behind us it's time to get Lilith's Letter up and running again. Just in case anyone didn't know, Phase II didn't end and simply entered a temporary break while I dealt with finals and everyone enjoyed various annual celebrations. This Phase has been running for near six months now, which is honestly much longer than I had intended, and I hope to get it finished promptly. With that in mind, I'm going to be approaching this continuation from a slightly different angle.

Each mission's members will have a choice between two simple options:

1. Continue as things are and finish the mission as soon as possible.

2. Do not continue RPing, and allow me to write out an ending to the mission prose-style.

The first option is pretty self-explanatory. The second, however, may need a little clarification. Each and every member of the mission making this choice agrees to it, and in doing so they permit me to use their characters to finish the mission as I see fit. In turn I garuntee the safety of your characters, and to portray them as accurately as possible. To vote for the first choice, simply create a heading for your mission here and establish a vote as you would on any other page. Once I've seen that everyone has voted accordingly, we can move forward. If your mission is not voted for, it will be assumed that you are willing to allow me to conclude it myself.

Either of those two options is totally acceptable, and I am willing to pursue whichever option your team chooses. For those of you who are not currently involved in Lilith's Letter, should you happen to have read this far, do know that once this Phase finishes, there's a lot waiting on the horizing; from an enormous event Bach and I have planned, to the final resolution of this year-long campaign to stop Pagos' rise to power.


Flamefang (talk) 22:24, January 8, 2013 (UTC)

Missions that Still Need To Finish

BC_Team_One - Ugandan Jungle

  1. Adeline/Queen
  2. Catherine Grant/Hyu Needs to post
  3. Elias Drake/Nhlott


Crossover_Team_One - Sydney, Australia

  1. Rolland Wallace/Nhlott (BC)
  2. Ariana Solis/Jake (Camp)
  3. Fiona Ash/Minxie (Camp)


Crossover_Team_Four/10_Koenig_Street - Stuttgurt, Germany

  1. Audric Odilone/Wai (BC)
  2. Marina Sanchez/Encarna Aragon/BachLynn23
  3. Caesey Ongsee/Hyu (Camp)

Status: Flame's post technically XP

Crossover_Team_Five - Guangzhou, China

  1. Bianca Jenson/Jake (BC)
  2. Laureline Floraison/Queen (Camp)
  3. Isaiah Davis/Lott (BC)
  4. Alexis Benedict & Sonia /Nocty (BC) Bach is rp'ing
  5. Aria Amethyst/Minx (BC)


Camp_Team_Four - Black-Forest, Germany

  1. Ember Glass/Broken Fire
  2. Lucinda Brown/What'sNewOwlz


Camp_Team_Five - Belfast, Ireland

  1. Cat Govern/What'sNewOwlz
  2. Carter Frost/RaidenTheNinja


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