Hello all. I've been missing but I want to explain why.

First, I am ok. Dont worry, I'm going to be ok. It's ok now.

A little while ago I hit my head very hard on a car door roof while I got in. It hurt lots. When I talked to the chat on the wiki, they convinced me to eventually go to hospital.

It was a very good idea. They found a thingy that they weren't sure about while they were helping me and they did lots more tests. It was a tumor. I named it Bill (I forget why). They did way more tests and they found out Bill wasn't cancery, but he was still squeezing my brain so they took him out.

I am recovering ok, but some things happened. There was complications and my brain swelled up, so I became less smart. It is way harder to read and write and I am not good at talking very much. Later my head started bleeding more and they took me back to get better stitches. And later a mean nurse hit me in the head but she got fired and wont hurt me again.

Now I am recovering and getting better. I am in the wiki chat a lot because hospital is very boring and I like the chat. You are all so awesome friends and I like you and you make me happy. And you are all helping my brain understand more - you help me practice and remember. I even got to help with a claim already and that made me really really happy.

Thank you everyone for being so nice. Once I'm all the way healed and my brain is normal, I will be back on the wiki like normal. Hugs for everyone.


Hello! This is Candice, Lyra's nurse. She had me help her write/type all this down for you all (we worked on remembering punctuation and spelling a lot today, and she's doing very well! We kept her exact words the same). I wanted to personally thank you for being such wonderful friends to Lyra. She's recovering much faster than we initially expected, and you've contributed to that through talking to her and exercising her imagination, cognitive functions and memory. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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